Tampa bay veternary specialists

1501a belcher rd s., ste 1a
Largo, FL 33771

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. saved my cats life

    by: jimmkol

    i had a fat cat. it fell over one day foaming at the mouth. i thought lizard or diabetic... we rushed to the emergency clinic and in a few minutes found out we had a heart diseased cat. a few meds and he was looking great again. said cat would live about 6 months and he lived 3 more years.... they were awesome!!!!


    saved my cats life



  • 2. Emergency Vet Services, Great Cancer Treatment & Much More

    by: cgrange

    They have a great staff that is very skilled. They do emergency services and they have many specialists on staff including an oncology department. They took great care of my animals and the staff was very nice. The downside is when you go to a place like this it is less personalized service because they have many vets and they service a very high volume so the service is not as warm and comforting as a small office. This small sacrifice is well worth their expertise. They are a little pricey too.


    Great Quality Vet Care


    A little impersonal - not like a single vet office