Tails of the lonesome pine pet spa

113 e 4th street s
Big stone gap, VA 24219

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. What a great surprise!

    by: DigitalDog

    It is located behind the post office, but not right behind the post office. I kept missing the street. Still - if you pay attention you realize you can see it from the post office. Smelled wonderful inside and got a free sample of dog treats and even a copy of the recipe! Even bought a dog coat made from a human jacket and free instructions on how to make more myself if I wanted. Fun products and expect there will be more as time passes. Saw a couple clients pick up their dogs and the dogs were clearly cute, clean and happy.


    very very knowledgable, took her time with the dog and me


    would love to see more products, could be easier to find

  • 2. Groomer with training knowledge and a big heart...

    by: PetWear

    Okay, I am not from Big Stone Gap so maybe that is why I had trouble finding her place. It was downtown but on a street that was easy to overlook as a street, it looked more like a driveway or something to me. Anyway, Julie took her time to be sure she knew what was wanted (I was there with a friend, we were going shopping while her dog was groomed) and was visiting and stroking the dog while we talked. When we left the dog seemed rather relaxed - and while she's not a nervous nellie she can be rather sensitive to things. Within 2 hours, Julie called saying my friend's dog was ready. When we arrived the dog was trotting around in the grooming room while Julie tidied up. My friend was delighted with the grooming and completely stunned when Julie pointed out that the dog had rear dewclaws. No one had ever mentioned this to her before it seems - not groomers or vets or anyone! As a result they had nearly grown around and become ingrown. Julie saved my friend and her dog lots of discomfort, vet visits and perhaps even an infection. The dog was happy to see us but clearly having some fun there. The bandana Julie provided was seasonal and cute and my friend even took home a small bag of dog treats as a gift. Later my friend told me that the rate charged at Tails of the Lonesome Pine was also less than she'd been paying at any other groomer's in the area. I enjoyed myself looking at the pet supplies currently stocked.. some wonderful books, toys, even coats and t-shirts for dogs as well as the standards like flea control, grooming and poop pick up products. I bought a "FurzOff" - a sort of pumice stone that works to take hair off furniture and even as a grooming stone on pets. I've not tried it on my cat, but I've used it on furniture and it's great! It's a recycled product and lasts forever (or about), nothing to throw away and so good for the environment and it was only $9!! Julie mentioned that she'd be bringing in some new products in the future so I'm looking forward to shopping there again when I am in Big Stone Gap.


    reasonably priced, schedules to accomodate clients, highly qualified, great location


    tricky to find even though she's downtown