Tailored Pets

313 S 10th St.
Mount Vernon, IL

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great Service

    by: MandyK97

    I take my dogs here to get their nails trimmed. She is wonderful with them and very quick. I've walked in a couple of times without an appointment and she's always taken me. She's alot cheaper than getting it done at the vet!


    Friendly, Clean, cheaper than others in town


    She used to smoke... don't know if she's able to since no smoking law went into effect

  • 2. great

    by: ljkubie

    My moms beagle goes there for regular grooming and always looks much better. She takes care of her nails and anal glands. Two things that I do not want to deal with!


    good with animals


    smoking around animals

  • 3. They Do A Good Job

    by: KevinW

    This is a really great place, and they do a really good job when it comes to grooming your darling!


    They do a good job



  • 4. Pet Groomers

    by: merrytoo

    Knowledgeable staff,customer service is great. Cleanliness is very good. She did smoke while doing pets. I'm not sure this year how she's doing.


    Very clean, Kind to pets.


    She smokes while doing the pets.