Sweet binks rabbit rescue, inc.

P.o. box 415
Foster, RI 02825

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Sweet Binks is the Best

    by: BunLove

    Recommend Sweet Binks highly if you're looking to add a rabbit to your family. They can help you with everything: knowing if a rabbit is right for you, care, feeding, litter box, choosing a vet, bonding, etc. Even helped us find someone that showed us how to build a great condo out of NIC cubes.\nDon't go anywhere else.


    Everything, very knowlegeable on rabbits in every area



  • 2. Do great work!

    by: Westwarwickaco

    Sweet Binks does great work. Our shelter had used them in the past and they were right there to help. They need more help to save more rabbits. They are the only ones you can call.


    saves lots of bunnys


    small group needing more help