Sutter county animal control & shelter

102 2nd street
Yuba city, CA 95991
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. helpful

    by: debarney82

    i have been there several times and have had excellent results with their services. animals are well taken care of and the staff was very helpful.


    great staff, decent area for animals


    could use a bigger facility

  • 2. great shelter

    by: etherealmm

    These guys got a big job and they do it well.





  • 3. Overall review

    by: mertslack

    We have been to the Sutter Co Animal Control and Shelter many times. We adopted our cat Tru from there.\n\nADOPTING:\nWas fairly easy. The first time we were interested in adopting a cat.\n\nSTAFF:\nThe men who help in the back are always friendly and helpful. When we adopted Tru, the man who helped us in the back was very nice and helpful. He took the cat out of it's cage and told us more about her. When we decided to adopt her he packaged her up for us and even put a few treats in her carry.\nIn the front office, that is not the case.\nThe woman ( I don't believe that she was an officer) who helped us in the front office was not very helpful and was pretty rude when asking questions about where the local vet and groomers were...she snickered at the groomer question.\n\nENVIRONMENT:\nThe feline cages are in a small maybe 10X10 room with maybe 15 cages stacked on top of each other. They are very out dated and dirty and almost unbearable to breath in that area. When we got Tru she was filthy.\n\nThe K9 cages are your typical cement open areas.\nAnimals are separated by temperament. It is a typical animal shelter. Nothing more.\n\nOVERALL: it is very easy to adopt there and I like that. The prices are affordable which makes it easy for families who want to adopt a pet.\n\nWe are very happy with Tru. She is an amazing cat. We are happy to have her.\n\n


    The workers in the back are very nice and helpful.


    The workers at the front desk are not very nice or helpful.