Susquehanna spca

4841 st. hwy 28
Cooperstown, NY 13326
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great place

    by: ztT4MP99872028

    This shelter is a great home for many cats and dogs. The workers are dedicated to keeping the animals active and in contact with people. There is a genuine love for these animals from everyone involved, the workers and volunteers. They do the best job possible with the limited resources available to a small town shelter. Being an animal lover, I find myself fighting back my feelings for these animals so I do not go home with them all. Unfortunately, the shelter is relatively small and there are many animals being surrendered or left behind. \r\n The Susquehanna SPCA is located in a small town in upstate New York and with the many people that come in and out of the area. Which in turn, many animals find themselves making a new home there. I wish that more resources were available for small town businesses to help them survive so that they can continue on there excellented and important task which they are performing.\r\n Keep up the excellent work and I hope things can work out for your organization.


    Everyone is willing to help out with any info they can.


    small business, a lot of animals

  • 2. Wonderful Home for Animals

    by: Rebecca1979

    I think this is a great shelter with wonderful staff and volunteers that really care for and love the animals!!!!


    outside space for dogs to run


    that the shelter is even needed

  • 3. Great Shelter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by: sallysspca

    Dogs have large excersise yards. Friendly staff. Very clean!


    Cats don't stay in cages (community adoption rooms)


    need more space

  • 4. A fine shelter

    by: jennyvt

    The Susquehanna SPCA is staffed by a devoted, competent and caring staff. the animals are kept in immaculately clean and comfortable quarters and are given the maximum amount of TLC possible untilthey are adopted to good homes. There is an expert vet tech on staff as well as a veterinarian who holds offices hours for the shelter animals once a week. \r\nThe staff spends much time in the community visiting schools and other organizations to educate aduls and school kids on the care necessary to have a happy and well adjusted pet.\r\nTheir customer service is exemplary.\r\nThe shelter is supported in he main by a thrift store staffed entirely by over 30 loyal vo,unteers, some of whom have been with the shop for as much as 30 years.\r\nIf I had to give up any of my pets, I would not hesitate to surrender the animal to the Susquehanna SPCA knowing that it would be cared for in the best possible way.


    Wonderful shelter