Sun valley animal shelter

7150 n .110th ave
Glendale, AZ 85307
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. What a visit

    by: ovreynoso

    I recently went to the Sun Valley Shelter to add an addition to your dog family. My husband, my son and myself were very excited to add another addition to you family. My dog Melo is a very loving dog and needs a friend. The visit to the shelter was something I was not prepared for. This volunteer thumbed over the paperwork and took one good look at us (by the way we are not of the fair skin toned) and asked what seemed to be very fair questions in regards to our motive for adopting another dog. However, it appeared that this volunteer was not excited, happy or wanting to really help us. It seemed instead of helping us this very rude volunteer was looking for a reason not to allow us to adopt. We were asked if our dog is outside or inside and the answer is both. He is in when he wants to be and outside when he wants to be. When me and my husband are at work he goes outside,which I am sure that is true for the majority of dog owners who work full time. Being a Arizona native I am fully aware of the summer heat. Growing up I always had dogs and they spent the majority time outside and when the summer heats gets real bad they come inside and we always had a kiddie pool full of water. This volunteer told my family that we could not adopt that it was policy not to adopt to people who do not have a doggy door. This volunteer told me it was one thing if we had an air conditioned garage or an air conditioned doggy house. This was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I feel that my family was discriminated not because we don't have a doggy door but because we were not pleasing to the eyes of this particular volunteer. This shelter I am sure does great things in the animal community. However, they should make a list of things that will deter people from adopting at this location. It feels that these volunteers get to use their biases, not policy to make determinations on what is a good home. Honestly the only way to ensure that these pets are going to a good home is to do a home study, criminal background checks, monthly visits. I actually work in a field were children are adopted and you can't determine what a good home is by a list of general questions, 5 minutes, and personal biases.




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  • 2. i love them!

    by: mwah42

    i got my dog toby from this shelter and they were very helpful and i liked that they made sure that toby was going to a safe secure home. they treat the dogs well and have a lot in coming in every weekend so if you are in the glendale area and looking for a dog, please come here. they deserve it=)


    make sure the home is safe,amazing dogs,good plans,takes good care