Sullivan county spca

104 rock hill drive
Rock hill, NY 12775
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  • 1. Buyer Beware!!

    by: Sonny123

    Buyer Beware! I adopted a pup from them on 4/30, on 5/1 I was in the ER Vet at 3am with an extremly sick pup, he had pneumonia. Not only did I pay the adoption fee of 350$, but now for his care less then 12hrs after taking him home, I have paid and will pay in excess of 1000$. The refuse any responsibility, even though I was told this occured from a "Kennel Cough" that was left untreated. He was given the Bordella Vaccine but it doesnt become effective for 2weeks, and in that period he had been exposed to other sick dogs. This whole expierence has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth, very sad considering I was just trying to do a good thing by providing a needed home to a rescue. On a positive note, they do return your calls on you submitted application quickly, they seem to be caring about animals, I just dont think they handled this situation appropriatly.


    They contact you quickly regarding your application


    see below, make your own opinion from my situation