Stratford animal shelter

9 frog pond lane
Stratford, CT 06614
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Stratford NEEDS New Shelter ASAP!!!

    by: ztT4MP71291503

    This shelter needs a new building ASAP! Way overdue! The building has issues EVERYWHERE.


    Great staff and volunteers!


    54 year old, antiquated building!!

  • 2. great place

    by: jduchette

    almost got a dog from her a few years back .. my other dog did not get along with Shelby at all so it was a no go... the staff were very nice and helpful they need a better location and more room!


    Awesome staff very caring


    needs updating

  • 3. This shelter has heart.

    by: rsolveira

    This shelter is old & falling apart but the staff is great including a National Award winning kennel manager. The volunteers go above & beyond. Working with the dogs and the environment that they have to deal with. They do a lot of fundraising & all animals leave the shelter altered, vaccinated & microchipped.


    Caring staff & volunteers


    Aging horrible building!

  • 4. This Shelter needs a new Shelter!

    by: Bepirett

    This shelter is a 50 yr old shelter with many, many things wrong with it, unsafe, unsanitary drainage system being one. It has many unsafe features. Also, we only have room for 14 dogs and a makeshift place for the cats. The shelter is very small for a town with 50,000 people in it. It has a bathroom with no sink and the roof is constantly leaking into the utility room. We are understaffed because there is no room for more staff. The runs are too small and we can't clean the outside runs in the winter because the cold water freezes. We have no place to show dogs or let dogs exercise in bad weather. The paint is peeling and the cement is cracking. The heating and cooling system does not work properly. We need a new shelter also because our shelter is sitting on property and across from property that has toxic waste buried in it. Come down and see it and you will know that the abondoned and abused animals in Stratford, CT really need a new Shelter.


    Excellent care, staff and volunteers


    out dated shelter, health hazard