Stockton area veterinary services

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Stockton, IL 61085

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  • 1. Dr. Doolittle works here

    by: oldmaidcatwoman

    While my sister was on a business trip, her pet sitter called to tell her that her power was out (in the middle of summer). I headed out to her house to deal with the power outage. When I arrived, one of her cats gave the wettest, nastiest sneeze I have ever seen from a cat. Because she lives quite a ways from me, I couldn't possibly go to my own vet. I called her vet and explained the situation--he agreed to see me and the cat as soon as I could get there. The cat can be difficult at the vet's office (to say the least), but because I needed to return home, sedation was not an option. Dr. Auen coddled and coaxed and talked to the cat until he was able to give him a bit of an exam and actually give him an injection of antibiotics. He really has a way with animals. We were on our way home quickly and with minimal trauma and the cat recovered quite nicely. And, it was a huge relief to me--I would never have felt comfortable leaving the cat with a pet sitter if the vet hadn't seem him and assured me there was no cause for alarm.


    Very caring--great with animals