Steuben county humane society

1700 n 200 w Po box 204
Angola , IN 46703

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Very Small

    by: manishy

    Our animal shelter is very small I hope miracles do happen because the dogs there...... Let just say some have room to walk around and some are in small cages with no room to walk around at all. Unless they let them out for what 5 min while they clean there area real quick and back in the cage they go. I think they need more staffing and hours expanded so they have more time to care for the animals (walking them, playing with them, cleaning, bathing and more time for people to come.)


    Has very nice animals there!


    Not enough help!!

  • 2. Check it out

    by: mikereef

    I stopped into the shelter one weekend to check things out. Madison and I went for a drive to find an vet here in Angola. We are just getting tried of going to Fort Wayne still. Anyways on my way to check out Pawsitively Paradise I stopped in the shelter to see it. Lets say they could really use the make over. They are so small and cats are everywhere. I just help we start moving up in this contest so they get the make over.





  • 3. Hard working people

    by: MaryJoV

    Our no-kill shelter has run on a shoestring budget for more than 25 years. They do an awesome job with very little resources. The staff are highly knowledgable and professional people. For as small as our shelter is, it houses many animals in very clean conditions.


    Local people caring about our community


    Small budget

  • 4. My Gunner

    by: partygal

    WE got very lucky ,Gunner found us.We had a female mini Dashaund 6 weeks old that was 3 days older then Gunner ,we named her Miss Kitty she was so cut and small.By 3 months old she wasnt walking good and had very little energy and couldnt get around much,she reached 3 months old before passing away from holes in her heart,we had found out she was born with them.It\r\nwas heart breaking.Then one day we got a call from a close friend telling us the knew someone from church that had a free chiauaua,dashaund mix\r\nand it was small.I really didnt want a male but went to check him out anyway.Soon as I seen him i knew he was ours.So cute tiny and so cuddly.It was 1 week to the day after my Miss Kitty passed.We will never forget her but and so grateful my Gunner he is such a joy to watch play and so very smart.Hes 8 months now is potty broke,knows how to sit ,shake,sit pretty and play fetch.He;s a big baby .He sleeps with us every night.


    I love mY Animals


    I Want To many Pets

  • 5. Reba

    by: leeasnyder

    We adopted Reba a beagle mix. She was scared and the staff was great about telling us what to do. They even called for follow up and had a trainer call us.\nThis has been a great experience.


    Great Staff


    Need More Volunteers

  • 6. New Shelter Manager

    by: denali

    The Shelter has a new manager in 2007 with a new staff. They have done wonderful events to get the community involved. They have asked the community for help and the community has responded. Keep up the great work.


    New Manager


    No Cons