Sterling Veterinary Clinic

4 Clinton Road
Sterling, MA 01564

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Good veterinary care here

    by: SchnauzerFan

    I have been going here for 7 years. They have always been not only a good source to ask questions but have always treated us and our pets very well. We have had to make some tough decisions over the years, and they are always understanding and not judgemental. They care very much for the animals in their charge. \r\nWhen our 10-year old Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with a heart murmer, they suggested having testing done. And although I opted not to have the tests done (the dog lived for years afterwards just fine), they didn't make me feel guilty for my decision. They do a good job of balancing recommendations for care and respecting each family's decisions.\r\nAlthough there are some procedures that cannot be done there on-site, they have all the equipment needed for all routine care and some emergency care.


    Very caring


    Can not perform every procedure on site

  • 2. Thank you, Thank you for helping our baby..

    by: littlebrat1316

    \r\nOur 5-year-old lab torn his ACL and we just did surgery at the Sterling Vet. They took such great care of our dog and did a great job at the complex surgery. Coby is in his first week recovery and is doing awesome. We are so thankful for the experienced, loving staff at Sterling Vet! Recommended Vet For Sure!!! \r\n


    Knowledgeable and loving



  • 3. Great People!

    by: BellaKya

    They staff works with you to treat your pet. They are very compasisonate, and really care about you and your animals. They were great with me when Mollie had a skin issue of unknown origins, and very supportive of the decisions I made when Max broke his kneecap. I love it there!


    Advanced diagnostic equipment, knowlegeable staff



  • 4. Didn't like

    by: springinspaniels

    I didn't like this vet very much. I went a few times and each time my dog was worse. I have a nervous dog that is more cooperative and calmer if I restrain her. They wouldn't allow my to do that and would remove her from the room for even the tiniest proceedure such as shots. They wrote in big letters on her chart "nervous dog difficult to muzzle" other vets have asked me if she bites because of this. She does not bite and does not need to be muzzled. They also insisted my dog needed shots despite the fact she had gotten a 3yr shot the year before.


    Close to my home


    Won't let me to restrain my dog

  • 5. Great place

    by: kirstie87

    I've brought my guinea pigs there many times. They do an excellent job each time and have a knowledge of guinea pigs. They diagnosed when my guinea pig had a sist on it's side and recommended I go to Tufts. They do a good job!


    Great service