Stephens r c dvm mendon veterinary clinic

2164 east 1150th street
Mendon, IL 62351
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Has been my vet for many years

    by: bctdrc

    Dr. Stephens has been my main vet for years. He always takes time to see us. He knows me by first name when I call and remembers me and my pets! Pretty good for only calling twice a year. His rates are great too, better than Quincy's high prices. He also provides care to our horse. \r\n\r\nAnd if your wondering why I recommended another vet named Dr. Neussen, it's because of Dr. Stephens. My pup has allergies and has in the past needed immediate attention, only makes sense to have a quincy, close by vet, be able to attend to her quickly, in case an allergic reaction occurs again.\r\n\r\nForemost- pick this vet, its a fifteen minute drive from Quincy but its well worth it. Oh, and he goes by the farmer's allmanac to do surgerys and such- it's better on the pets.\r\n\r\nAlways a friendly face and sincere vet.


    knowlegable, extra friendly and sincere, cares about your pets and you, great rates, good apt times, knows you by name