Stephens lake

2311 e. walnut
Columbia, MO 65201

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Paws in the Park

    by: snorth4240

    Columbia Second Chance began holding its fundraiser, Paws in the Park, at Stephens Lake Park a couple of years ago and plans to hold the event again there this year in September. It's a tremendous park with its lake, rolling lawn, playground, dog area, shelter, etc. It's located at the corner of Old 63 South and East Broadway, so it's very easy to find. The area once belonged to nearby Stephens College, but now the City of Columbia owns and manages the park.


    Beautiful Area, Easy Access


    Limited Parking

  • 2. Great for letting them run loose

    by: cjonesyjr

    I love taking my pet to Stephen's Lake. He's a Lab, so he needs as much exercise and we can provide. Stephen's Lake has so much room for him to run without a leash. We play fetch and run around together. He's always tuckered out after going to the park. We love Stephen's Lake!


    So much area to run


    Can get congested on a nice day

  • 3. Great for dogs and people!

    by: Tami4dogs

    Stephens Lake is a great park to walk your dog. There's lots of grassy open areas for your dog to play. It's very good park for excercising your dog and you. What could be better then that!




    Needs to be completed

  • 4. wonderful winter walk at Stephens Lake

    by: djes7770

    Stephens Lake is a great place for a dog walk. Very pretty scenery and you can choose a long route, short route or something in the middle. There is one walkway that goes right out over the lake which is fun and interesting, especially for dogs who have not been there before. This is a popular place for many people and pets so it's best if your dog is very well socialized if you plan on visiting. I once took my dog for a walk at Stephens Lake in the winter and we had a very memorable time. It was a little snowy and the lake was frozen which fascinated my dog. She loved watching little bits of ice slide over the icy surface. It was one of our best walks ever.


    Great place to walk dogs who are very socialable


    Not everyone cleans up after their dog

  • 5. Stephens Lake Park is beautiful!

    by: dtchtreat3

    Stephens Lake Park is a wonderful place to take your dog for a walk. There are many paved, well kept trails that meander around the lake. They have placed stations periodically with poop bag dispensers and trash cans for depositing the used bags so you don't have to carry it with you.


    beautiful, natural area


    some people don't clean up after their dogs

  • 6. loves it

    by: MCO

    I really like to take my dogs there. They love to run with me on the paved path and I dont have to worry about cars. There is also a large amount of open space to do your own thing. There is a lake my dogs would love to jump into, but the only problem is it is not a leash free area.


    large space


    not off leash

  • 7. lake fun!

    by: kawn65

    This park has a good length path for an afternoon walk! It can get really crowded though on nice days.


    nice trail



  • 8. Fun!

    by: ksdcm4

    My pets and I love Stephans Lake in Columbia! It is always a lot of fun to go on a beautiful afternoon and meet new people and their pets. The dogs love it, and they get a lot of exercise there too!


    Great location


    not enough people know about it!

  • 9. A lovely place

    by: laceydove

    Great place for taking a nice long leisurely walk with or without your dog(s). It always amazes me as to how clean it is whenever I go there. The leaves are gorgeous in the fall.


    nice long paths-nice parking areas


    noisy during time pool is open

  • 10. very nice

    by: tylerrambis

    we go to Stephens specifically to walk Pacer and jog around the park. they have a nice path. the only thing I dont like is the swimming area for the kids. It is only b/c I dont have kids and I find it to be loud but I guess that is what a park is for. The big open water is nice and you can sometimes see people catch fish.


    good for walking


    not very quiet

  • 11. BIG park

    by: kbethel1

    HUGE open area so that you can have your own space with your pets. There is also a trail surrounding the big lake.


    Nice lake and trail



  • 12. Another Favorite Place

    by: rickards7308

    This is another one of my favorites.


    Open Spaces



  • 13. Great Place for a Walk

    by: CassandraLynn87

    Stephens Lake has always been an enjoyable place for myself and my dog, Kira. She is a little shy, which makes the traditional dog parks a little overwhelming for her. So, we go to Stephens and often I will sit on the rocks by the water to read a good book while she romps around in the green grass. A fantastic destination for a nice spring, summer, or fall day!


    clean, pretty, lots of space and seating


    loud kids at water park in Summer