Stephens county humane society

714 martin luther king jr ave
Duncan, OK 73533

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  • 1. They stole my dog!

    by: Johnna69

    Our dog was stolen from our backyard - we found the gate had been removed from the hinges because it was locked with a padlock. For 2 weeks we looked for the dog - calling the shelter every 3 days. We wer told they did not have any German Shepards. We went to the shelter at the end of the second week. We found him at the Stephens County Humane Society. They told us we had to adopt him back. We filled out the paperwork at that time. They said they would have to do a home inspection. We waited a couple of days and called. No news. Our friend went to the shelter and was told that the dog was adopted out to a Police officer the week before. They did not call me until a week later and told me they were sorry but you did not qualify to get the dog. This was a pure breed papered German Shepard. They "Sold" him to the officer for $300.00. We were told this by the kennel worker. She said that he took the dog after we left the shelter the day we filled out the paperwork. IT WAS OUR DOG!!!! Animal control said that legally the dog should have been given back to us the day we identified him and they feel that the Humane society broke the law.




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