Stenzler anton m dvm

19 south pearl street
Pearl river, NY 10965
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  • 1. Anton Stenzler

    by: Norton

    Dr. Stenzler was our vet for many years. He spayed and neutered one Great Dane and three cats, and we brought them to his Animal Hospital every year for their checkups and vaccinations. He did a wonderful job when one of my cats was badly torn up by a mommy racoon (we think) and needed about seventeen stiches. Yet one terrible day, when one of my cats had to be "put down" because of a cancer issue, a cat he had been seeing and treating for some time, a member of his staff told me I could not bring my beautiful suffering cat in. Quite frankly I told them in no uncertain terms what I thought of them and their lack of compassion (did they think that this was a happy day for me and my family) and although Dr. Stenzler did finally agree to euthanize my cat, that was the end of our relationship with him.


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