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273 east main street
Saint clairsville, OH 43950
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Horrible

    by: acedogg2001

    I took my dog there for check-ups and routine shots. Steed was never very personable but I never thought he would actually not care about the animals he treats. One day I noticed my dog's tooth was starting to have a red color to it. We took her in, Steed looked and said "yeah its red." I changed vets right after that. Bridgette has had other complications since then that Steed would have brushed off. Luckily I changed to Dr. Shondrick because my dog would not still be alive if we would have stayed with Steed.


    no Pros


    The most uncaring vet

  • 2. not pleased at all

    by: floridaniki

    i took my cat there for a leg injury - Dr Steed not only very unpersonable but I left with nothing for my cat except a response of "it will heal"...several people have told me horrible animal stories also with this vet.


    waiting room was pretty clean


    heard horrible stories about this vet

  • 3. Bah Humbug

    by: houndsmom

    Wouldn't take my dogs here for a hang nail. Well, maybe for a hang nail, but that's it. Used to be a patient until I took one of my dogs in for a limp. Doc. turned the paw over, looked briefly and said he saw nothing so dog would be fine and there was nothing to worry about. The limp got progressively worse so I went for a second opinion. Turns out, he suffers from hip displasia. Same dog had an ear infection. Steed gave antibiotice ointment. Infection persisted, Steed gave more of the same. Went elsewhere to find out it was a fungal infection. Antibiotic ointment won't cure a fungal infection.\r\n\r\nMy recommendation: Find a new vet.


    Location, reasonable prices


    Lack of personality and bed side manner, inefficient