State of missouri parks & recreation: rock bridge memorial state park

5901 s highway 163
Columbia, MO 65023

User Reviews (16)

  • 1. Great place for dogs to have fun

    by: schmidty1

    It's a great place were you can enjoy nature, get fresh air and have fun with your pets.


    It's a wonderful place with nice scenery



  • 2. little known wagon wheel trail

    by: shannynnorth

    No one hardly uses this back-entrance park of Rock Bridge. You get to it through the south end of Bearfield. It's a great offleash park because there's no one to disturb! It has a creek and a great view.


    lots of forks, variety of terrain, privacy


    buggy in summer, scary cliff

  • 3. Long Walks!

    by: rickards7308

    Very pretty with lots of trails and very pet friendly.





  • 4. walks

    by: xtreme913

    I love taking my pet to Rock Bridge for walks. Its great exercise and we get to enjoy the outdoors as a family all together.. Can't wait for the weather to be nice all the time, we spend every Sunday at Rock Bridge.





  • 5. Beautiful

    by: TristaHeller

    I absolutely LOVE RBSP. The hiking and trails are amazing.


    good for hiking, excellent scenery


    Nothing I can think of.

  • 6. Great for dogs and bikes

    by: tgsfire

    I take my dogs there, I go mountain biking there, I run trails there.. Its really a great time, everytime I go!!


    Lots of trails


    muddy spots

  • 7. Love to take Oscar there

    by: cey9r3

    My roommate loves to take Oscar there whenever the weather is nice. Although she did manage to get lost there and had no phone, nothing. SHe managed to find a fire station and they took her back with her dog. Thank gosh!


    great walking


    get lost and muddy

  • 8. Great Hiking and variety

    by: tpickering

    The park is absolutely gorgeous anytime of the year and its variety of trails provide a range of difficulty for hiking from flat simple trails to relatively steep inclines. You can spend hours hiking the trails and still not traverse every part. Natural water supplies are usually plentiful but there are only bathrooms at the trailheads. On some trails you have to be weary of mountain bikers, another great activity at the park. There are a plethora of smells and little offshoots that will keep any curious dog happy for an afternoon hike.


    Very open, many paths, not crowded


    Leashes necessary, chance of getting lost, some parts closed off

  • 9. My dogs love this park!!!

    by: prm7t3

    I really enjoy going to this park, my dogs love it.. I just can't wiat until it get warmer so we can go back..


    Very big, and alot of trails


    sometimes to many people

  • 10. A great hike

    by: mlbehrens1

    I really love this park. My boys enjoy hiking the different trails and we often see wildlife (which my Westie looooves deer). It can be very quiet and there is a lot of shade. There is a creek that runs through that looks fairly clean so my boys can cool off a little bit after their walk. They often play in the water under the natural bridge.


    A great walk


    No leash free areas

  • 11. I love this park!

    by: cdsdvm

    I love Rock Bridge, and have hiked most of the trails with my dogs. A lot of times there aren't any people around so you can have your pets off leash without bothering anyone. There are a great variety of trails, some flat, some hilly, some wide, and most include streams or lakes. I recommend anyone who likes to hike try Rock Bridge.


    Lot's of trails


    Not really any "off leash" areas

  • 12. beautiful place with only one minus

    by: maedke

    This is a beautiful place! My dog LOVES to explore trails and keep moving! Perfect except the darn leash restriction!


    almost everything



  • 13. Rockbridge STate Park

    by: lauriewpan1

    Beautiful park system. Everything from bluffs, to rivers, to grasslands and wildflowers. MY dogs love it and so do I.


    variety of trails


    wish there were leash free trails

  • 14. I love it there

    by: MCO

    I love going out there with my dogs. They really love it and there are several trails to choose from. The trails are dirt which i like and there are tons of creeks for dogs to play in... If there is no one around i let my dogs off leash to play in the water..oops


    Large and lots of trails


    no off leash

  • 15. Great for taking dogs on walks

    by: Robster17

    My family loves to take our two dogs out to Rock Bridge State Park. Recently we went there and walked two trails. It was a beutiful day with beutiful scenery such as streams fields and forests. My entire family including our dogs had a great time.


    Lots of trails and nature



  • 16. one of our favorite places!

    by: ilovemymutts

    Rock Bridge State Park is huge, it's beautiful, and it's just south of Columbia. The only drawback is that dogs are supposed to remain on a leash.


    variety of trails and scenery


    not off-leash