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Coleraine, MN 55722
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  • 1. Humane Society update

    by: rwersal

    This shelter has been up and running for 30 some years. The staff, employees, board members, and volunteers really care for our animals. We are in desperate need of a new shelter. Currently, we have been taking in animals not only from our county, but also from several other counties surrounding us. Some shelters in surrounding areas have closed their doors and we have had an influx of animals from those areas. We are not a large shelter and it is difficult to try to take animals from our own community and from other areas. We would love a larger and better area for our lost, neglected, and dumped pets! We love these animals and find joy in finding the perfect home for them with our screening process. At times we need to send some to rescues because we do not currently have enough room. Our shelter is licensed for 34 dogs and 65 cats to be housed in our building. Many times we have more than that and thankfully we have caring, loving foster parents to take in our precious pets when they are able. We do not have the heart to turn away abandoned animals so we depend on our caring employees and community to help foster them. Feel free to visit our website at


    established for 30 years


    Needs help with updating