Stanford inn

Coast highway & comptche ukaih road
Mendocino, CA 95460

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  • 1. Fabulous pet hotel

    by: cynryan

    The Stanford Inn is the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in that not only allows pets, they cater to them. They have beautiful gardens and access to the river for dog walks. You can walk to a canoe rental agency that allows dogs on trips up the Little River. Each room has a fireplace (dogs love!) and food/water bowls, plus sheets you can put on the furniture so your pets can sleep on the bed or couch - and they leave out dog biscuits for your pooch and chocolate truffles for you. Did I mention the pool, hot tub and sauna in the greenhouse? (For people, not pets) - and the gourmet vegetarian restaurant? You either have to have deep pockets or it's a real splurge (at almost $300/night), but it's worth it.


    beautiful grounds, great service, #1 pet friendly