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  • 1. a lack of treatment

    by: ztT4MP29321152

    When you take your cat to All Cats Care center, it seems fine at first, the staff is nice, the waiting room is clean and cats are wandering about freely. The Doctor seems nice too... but she is mainly concerned with the cat's diet. I took our 2 cats in, and they had ear mites. The doctor "treated" them, and gave me an anitbiotic to administer for the next 10 days to help the ears heal. The ear mites didn't go away. I had to purchase ear mite medication over the counter at Petsmart, and treat them for around 30 days (the suggested amount of time for the lifecycle of earmites). The doctor also wanted to take one of the cats and give him surgery for ear wax in his ear. I said no, he's fine with that wax. :) ... but all told, the ONE visit for 2 cats with ear mites cost $300. that's a total waste of money in my opinion... especially when it didn't solve anything.




    only concern is if you are feeding your cat wet food or dry food