St. tammany parish department of animal services

31078 highway 36
Abita springs, LA 70420

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  • 1. The best Animal Control ever...anywhere! Total professionals!

    by: wildchildsmom

    I had an experience with Animal Control when someone reported me for 'hoarding' 20 to 30 cats. The complainant said that not only was I hoarding but they feared for the cats' welfare and safety. I wasn't at home when the officer left the notice at my front door but promptly called her when I returned home to discuss what was going on. She told me that there was a complaint that I was 'hoarding' and the complaintant feared for the safety of my animals. Well, the next day was our set appointment. The Officer arrived on time and was very courteous and professional! She asked if she could take pictures and I was actually quite honored by this. Why, you ask? Because I'm proud to say that my home is clean and my cats are, in fact, well cared for! She also took pictures of all 6 litterboxes (we were getting ready to add an 7th) because the baby had outgrown her little one. She took pictures of their contstant feeder, food storage areas, their toys, their water bowl and the pantry where their wet food is stored along with their treats. All that was asked of me was to take my babies to the vet for their rabies shots as it is a law in our Parish. I did so the very next day. STHS faxed the rabies reports to them and I never heard from them again! Now, you tell me that they're not doing an awesome job! You can't! Maybe my experience was the exception to the rule but, still, it was a great experience! Thank you St. Tammany Department of Animal Services for your professionalism and dedication to the welfare of animals in our beautiful Parish!


    professional, knowledgable, in uniform, courteous