St Louis Hills Veterinary Clinic

7001 Hampton Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63109

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Awesome Staff & Wonderful Care

    by: selma19

    took my 10year old mini pin, Bentlie there with nerve and back trouble. His normal vet couldn't figure out what was wrong and he continued to get worse. He could not stand and put weight on his front right leg without it giving out, he could barely keep his head up, After the initial visit i could tell a difference and after routine treatments, he is back to normal acting like a crazed puppy!! 2 1/2 years later and going strong!!!! I am so grateful they were able to help him! WTG Dr. Eric!!!! A++++


    caring staff



  • 2. Great Vet!!

    by: GeoffandCourtney

    Actually that con is not true. They are great. For example, we had fed our cat some of the bad pet food last year. I called the St. Louis hills vet Clinic and they got her in right away and checked her out. After the results of the blood test came back they called right away. I had her there in the morning and by that aftenoon I knew the results. And I am happy to say that Sophie was fine and still no problems. we only fed it to her as a special treat so her exposure was very minimal. Great place to take your pets.


    close to my apartment


    hard to get into

  • 3. Excellent Care

    by: blunderwhere

    The vets at this facility are highly skilled, professional and knowledgeable about cats, and cat lovers. They clearly love cats, and explain everything, listen carefully, and seem to understand the idiosyncrasies of cat lovers. They are patient both with the kitty and the human.\r\n\r\nThey have taken excellent care of one of my kitties who was critically ill with fatty liver disease and helped us nurse him back to health after another (unrelated) vet had insisted that we should put him down. They also have seen our other kitty on an immediate basis when, because he is such a lazy guy, he slid off a dining room chair, hit his head on the floor and had a seizure.\r\n\r\nIn each case, I found them highly knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I will continue to take our kitties there and highly recommend them.\r\n\r\nIn St. Louis, they are centrally located off highways 40 or 44 on Hampton Blvd. \r\n\r\nI wish I could find a doggie vet specialist that measured up to these folks.


    Excellent long term & emergent term service


    Can't take dogs