St louis county animal control

4100 seven hills drive
Saint louis, MO 63033
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. A new facility is needed...but there ARE caring employees!

    by: lisatink

    As an employee of St. Louis County Animal Control, I know that for the most part, the majority of the employees DO care about the animals. Despite what many people may think, we do work closely with rescue groups, and try to adopt out as many animals as we can. Since we are NOT a no-kill shelter, we must accept every animal that comes through the doors. Without an adequate isolation/holding area, it is difficult to prevent the spread of illness, when it is present in the shelter. \nWe vaccinate adoptable animals as soon as we can, and as the veterinarian and myself work between two shelters, this can prove challenging at times. We are trying our best, and hopefully the situation will improve in the future. Thanks to all who support us. Those who believe that we are evil and uncaring, obviously have never taken the time to get to know us.


    Rescue Group friendly/Caring employees


    Outdated facilities

  • 2. doing the best they can...

    by: debwonder

    My experience when visiting the Seven Hills shelter has always been a positive one. While I do have quite a bit of frustration with St. Louis County and their overall lack of concern about the welfare of animals in the county, I have never felt or experienced that same kind of indifference when dealing with the staff and personal at Seven Hills. Whether checking on a neighborhood dog or looking for one of my outdoor kitties, the staff has always been helpful and answered my questions and allowed me to take my time looking at the dogs and cats. I have never visited there and had a section or department off limits. The staff does care about animals and, I believe, does the best possible job that they can with the resources that the have been given. The repsponsibility lies with St. Louis County Department of Health and the citizens of St. Louis County to work towards making the County shelters more of a priority.


    very helpful staff...


    through no fault of their own...wish the county focused more on animals

  • 3. I wish it was better

    by: grlsqrl

    I have been to this shelter many times and always cry; it is heartbreaking when you know most will be killed.


    at least the animals are off the street


    the fact that they are at this shelter

  • 4. not such a great shelter

    by: lauraannake87

    i dont like this place because they arent in it to find homes for lost pets...


    help to a degree


    not in the best interest of all animals

  • 5. awful place

    by: bluebarttonto

    Also known as Seven Hells. I am sure the people there do their best but county govt. is not interested in helping animals find new homes.


    they try


    county doesn't care

  • 6. Nice Animal Control Officers

    by: sarahcowdry

    I recently visited this shelter to pull a few cats out for a rescue group. They were quite nice to me and were making due with what they had. Several small breed pure bred dogs there too. Sad!


    Excellent AC Officers


    Overcrowded, which is not their fault