St. lawrence valley s.p.c.a

P.o. box 594
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
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User Reviews (13)

  • 1. pound puppy

    by: kp111

    my parents first pound puppy came from this shelter and she was great. We saved her the day before she was to be euthanized. how very original she was named lucky... what a great dog lucky was. she was 6 months old when we got her and she was a wonderful dog for 12 years!! she was so good natured and we were lucky to have her


    clean friendly staff


    not sure of any

  • 2. Wonderful shelter!

    by: Darlyne

    I recently adopted a little Boxer girl from this shelter. The staff were WONDERFUL and made me feel completely secure in my choice to adopt. I went several times to visit Bella (she was named "Daisy" at the shelter) before I adopted her and I was amazed at how clean and well run the shelter is. My only regret is that this shelter is an hour away and too far for me to volunteer at.


    Friendly, caring staff


    Not close enough to me to be able to volunteer here.

  • 3. Not a lot of choice

    by: cathydan

    This is a nice shelter. I was surprised at how few animals they house. I would have thought an SPCA shelter would have more animals in it.


    The shelter was very clean


    There were not a lot of animals

  • 4. Good Cair

    by: wildhorses1650

    The animals at this shelter are cared for very well. I have never seen any cruel or wrong treatment towards any of these animals. Their cages are cleaned thoroughly everyday. The dogs are walked everyday, and the cats brushed daily. They are also fed a good quality food.\r\nThese animals are always sent to good homes. There is a very strict screening in order to make sure that the animal will be as comfortable as possible.\r\n


    All the animals get the top most cair


    One of the employees does not work well with others

  • 5. My local SPCA

    by: Gypsiedoodle2000

    The animals at this shelter are very well cared for by the staff and volunteers. Their cages are cleaned thoroughly every day along with their dishes, litter pans, toys, blankets, etc. The animals are never left standing in their own excreations. The animals have good quality food and the dogs are walked almost every day by a caring group of volunteers. The cats are brushed and socialized by a dedicated group of volunteers. \r\n\r\nThe only problem I could find with this shelter was that there is one individual on staff who has a tendency to not work well with others and drives good employees away. This shelter almost always has an advertisement in the local newspaper looking for workers.


    Quality of Care is excellent


    One individual who works there tends to drive other employees away

  • 6. very nice shelter

    by: vicki123176

    this shelter is very nice all the animals cages are clean every time that we go in. staff is very helpful.





  • 7. Nice shelter

    by: pinkie101

    This is a nice shelter. they really care about the animals and want to see them go to a good home.They are currently renovating the place to make it even better.


    They really care about the home the animal will be going to.


    They are a bit harsh about the pit bull breed ,they dont like to adopt them out.

  • 8. Great Staff

    by: RitaJB

    The staff and work this shelter does is fantastic. When we visited they were very helpful and informative. The animals all looked clean, healthy and as happy as they could be living in a shelter and not a loving home. If you are considering a new addition to your family this is a must go to place.


    Great Staff who are very caring


    Limited hours

  • 9. wonderful staff!!!!

    by: joshuajbunny

    this is a top rate shelter, they might not have the donations given to them to make the shelter look like the hilton, but they all have big hearts!!!


    wonderful caring staff


    need more volunteers!!!

  • 10. wonderful staff!

    by: houndog990

    i have been visiting the shelter annually for 5 years. the staff is most appreciative for anything you give or do. i wish i had a million dollars to give to them!


    excellent customer service


    not enough volunteers to be open more hours

  • 11. Great shelter.

    by: peteandamie

    I adopted my Dalmatian from here 8 years ago. They were very thorough with their adoption process. At the time, I was a student in the Veterinary Techinician program at SUNY Canton and they made sure I was able to care for her properly. (I didn't live on campus, and that was one of their biggest concerns). The staff is very dedicated.


    Do the best they can


    Limited hours

  • 12. Top Notch Shelter!

    by: lynnich

    My pets have always come from a shelter. Our 1st time dealing with this shelter was when we adopted Madison, a dog I saw posted on The staff members were very friendly and helpful to us; in fact they went out of their way to make the adoption process easier for us. \r\nI hope to not have to go through another dog adoption for a few years but if and when the time comes, I will definitely check this shelter first!


    helpful staff


    can't think of any!

  • 13. St. Lawrence Valley SPCA

    by: slcpets

    Located just outside of Ogdensburg, New York, the St. Lawrence Valley SPCA is the place to find your perfect pet! The shelter has dogs and cats, mostly, but occasionally other needy critters finds their way there. The shelter is a nonprofit agency providing quality care for animals needing a new home in addition to providing education on humane treatment of all animals. There is a Pet Taxi service, to and from the Vet's, for the pets of senior citizens and the idsabled within the city of Ogdensburg. The shelter spays/neuters all dogs and cats before they are released to their new home. The knowledgeable and helpful staff of the SLV SPCA is terrific! Come check it out. Become a volunteer! Adopt a wonderful friend! Or just stop by to say "hello"!


    Knowledgeable staff, good care of animals


    Could really use more volunteers!