St. joseph animal shelter, animal control & rescue

701 lower lake road
Saint joseph, MO 64504
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great shelter

    by: kayshawn285

    I went to this shelter with my sister. She was going to pick up another dog. They were friendly and seem to know what they were doing. Place was clean and very busy. I wish all the dogs could be adopted!!


    nice staff


    lots of pets to be adopted

  • 2. good shelter

    by: mybabyboytoby

    I went to this shelter at the first of the summer to see if a chihuahua would match with my toby. They were very busy and when they got to us we got to play witih the fellow. He was a great dog, so I went to get my dog to see if they were compatable. When we got back someone was looking at the chi. Toby and the dog didn't really like each other so the girl took him. Happy ending. They seem to know what they are doing there and it seems a great place to get a dog.


    had a good selection of dogs