St johns veterinary clinic

4818 north lombard street
Portland, OR 97203
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Excellent staff

    by: Jayknee

    This is a great neighborhood clinic with stalwart, reliable veterinarians, techs & assistants, and an attentive, caring office staff. Although the majority of the animals treated are canine & feline, Dr. Davis has a few avian patients as well. \r\n\r\nAlthough the veterinary practice is superb, it retains a friendly, homelike atmosphere and the prices for services are quite reasonable. Their clientele is quite diverse and all are welcomed equally.


    Wonderful N. Portland clinic with decades of experience


    Can't think of any

  • 2. Great place!

    by: PatsyW

    Have been going here for years and years. Absolutely love them. Would recommend them to anyone. All my pets love them too. Well maybe Miss Kitty has some reservations about going.


    Very friendly knowlegable vets.


    Have not discovered any yet.

  • 3. Great doctors for a personalized experience.

    by: nodoves

    I bring my Italian Greyhound to St. John's vet regulararly, and have always been impressed with their services. It is a small practice, not a chain like a Banfield or a Companion clinic. Small veterinary clinics tend to be more pricey than 'chain' clinics, but not St. John's. They are very affordable. Their vet techs are all very friendly, and they seem to have a very low turnover rate. One of my favorite things about their doctors--Dr. Davis, Dr. Blankenvoort, and Dr. Stewart--is that they are very non-judgemental about your personal opinions regarding your pet. Say for instance you want to feed a raw diet: they may tell you that they don't belive it is the best diet you can feed, but not in a patronizing way. I have had other vets flat out say that I am a bad dog owner for some of the choices I've made in caring for my pets. I have yet to run into any problems with this clinic. I hope their practice continues to grow!


    Small office, memorable staff, not overpriced


    Can be a bit of a wait in the lobby. They're getting popular!