St. charles county pet adoption center

4580 mid rivers mall drive
Saint peters, MO 63376

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  • 1. Great place

    by: JenniferKuhl

    This is where I adopted my dog so of course I like them! At first the staff seemed a little rude but I didn't blame them at all because I know they are extremely busy. Once they realized I was seriously looking to adopt a dog and not just some young kid wanting to see the puppies they were very nice and helpful. At first I didn't find the dog for me, and a very nice guy asked what I was looking for. He took me in the back to show me a dog that was not yet their property and was still on hold for an owner to claim. I absoluty fell in love with this dog and told the man I would do whatever I could to get this dog. He put a want form on him for me and said they would call the next week when he became available. Well I never gave them the chance to call because I called every few days to check up on him and as soon as he was neutered I ran out of work to go pick him up. They were very nice and knowledgeable and made sure the puppy was going to a good home. My puppy is becoming the perfect dog and I am so thankful for that man going out of his way and taking me in the back to show me that dog. He didn't have to do that (I don't even think the public are supposed to be in that back room) but he seemed to genuinely care and want to help a dog find a home. They have so many dogs there and the staff seemed so busy yet they still helped up.


    Really care about their dogs


    seeing all the stray dogs makes you sad