Squibnocket animal center

511 federal road
Brookfield, CT 06804

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Just awful

    by: Animalfriend555

    Save yourself the heartache and frustration. One of our dogs is diabetic and has IBD. We went to Dr. Peter Antosiewicz for nutritional/alternative therapy consultation to complement his western medicine regiment. The first meeting was great and we held high hopes, ready to transfer all our dogs to him. Once we left, it became a nightmare. We brought a second dog in for review, blood work was taken and they never called us with the results. We called, emailed, faxed and were told they would leave a message for the Doctor. We received no response. Finally, in frustration, we asked what we have to do to get an answer. They said to just schedule a time for the phone call. We did and they ended up billing us for $80. They never said the follow up phone call would come at a cost. We later needed to adjust the diet of the first dog and had to make an appointment for a phone consultation. We couldn't get past the front desk until we gave a credit card. Dr. A hadn't reviewed the files before getting on the phone so we spent a large portion of the time waiting as he read the records. At the conclusion of the consultation, Dr. A promised to call or email us with a couple of suggested dietary supplements. Several days passed with no contact. I called, the desk said they would leave a message and the doctor would call back; nothing. I called again and the desk said to fax the questions and they would give them to the doctor. I did that, another week passed; nothing. The office called, left a voice message asking how the dogs were doing. I called back, tried to get the tech who called on the phone, she couldn't speak and they told me to email the questions again, this time they assured me the doctor would respond. I emailed again; again no response. It was now more than a month past the phone consultation with absolutely no communication from the office. I decided to drive to the office to get the answer sto the 2 simple questions: what are the supplement suggestions for the one dog and what are the results of the blood test of the other? The front desk asked me to sit and wait for a few minutes. A tech came out and said the doctor was busy and couldn't see me. I told her that I just wanted the answers to those two questions. She became rude and told me I had to make an appointment. I told her that these were just follow-up questions we had been trying to get answered for months; Dr. A never got back to us with the answers; there was no need for another examination. She said they would not answer the questions without another appointment. She wouldn't listen to any plea and I left still without the information the doctor promised more than a month earlier. Squibnocket Animal Center and Valley Veterinary Hospital (its sister location) are nightmares. They will promise the world but, in the end, care nothing for you or your animal. I hope this saves another pet owner from the pain and frustration it has caused us.


    Doctor started out great


    The doctor never returns communications

  • 2. takes an original approach

    by: amgfnyc

    "Dr. A" blends Eastern and Western approaches to provide a wide range of care for your pet. He is conveniently located on Federal Rd. in Brookfield, and the facility is very attractive. He also has another facility, the Valley Vet, conveniently located in New Milford.


    blends different approaches



  • 3. GREAT Facility

    by: BBRed

    This is a great facility. They use Western & Eastern medicines and treatments, and they don't believe in handing out meds for just everything. \r\nDr. A really cares about the animals, and what is best for them and you.\r\nHas a therapy facility with an exercise pool for the dogs, mixes traditional vet practices with holistic treatments.\r\nI've been to so many vets over the years, and I don't think you can beat Dr. A and his fabulous staff. You can just see how much they all love the animals!


    Traditional & Holistic practice


    not one