Springfield humane society

401 skitchewaug trail
Springfield, VT 05156
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. SHS - A great place to visit

    by: dianalsn

    This is a great small shelter, you can tell each resident gets individual, quality care.\r\n\r\nThe human visitors also get individual, quality care!! I was lost without my GSD companion of 11 yrs, the staff was very kind as I visited dog after dog, that just wasn't THE one. After awhile I decided I wasn't looking anymore, afterall I still had my loyal JRT, and we were all getting used to being a one dog household... Then I got an e-mail from Marie, they had a stray that would soon be available & she thought of me... this would be our Lola girl. Suddenly that song was playing on the radio - a sign? To be on the safe side, to see if this very bouncy, leash pulling, mouthing individual would blend with a JRT and 2 children -- we fostered her for awhile. Marie knew what I took longer to figure out, she is perfect for us!\r\n\r\nThis shelter works hard, not only with day to day obligations, but in getting the word out, holding events and reaching out to the community in a relationship that both gives so much, and relies on our support as well.\r\n\r\nIn our seach I visited other shelters that were an exercise in frustration, (also working hard, but too big and too busy to really feel comfortable there) SHS is a pleasure to visit! They really worked with our family to help us find the gem for us. Thank you!


    The staff is wonderful


    I live 45 min away

  • 2. Springfield does great work!

    by: LMR

    Given the age and size of this shelter, the staff do an incredible job with the little resources that they have.


    We are a small shelter ina rural area of Vermont but we provide top notch service to animals and care very much for those we serve.


    We are an older shelter in desperate need of updating.