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  • 1. Thorough and trustworthy

    by: emo

    I first met Latanya from Spoil A Pet on the day we moved into our apartment. We had gotten keys to the apartment that didn't work and the landlord and anyone in his family who had extra keys were all out of town. They only person he (the landlord) could reach was their dogwalker, Latanya. She came over right away and got an extra set of our keys out of their apartment and let us in. After that I frequently saw her or one of her co-workers walking the landlords enormous ridgeback. They all seemed really nice, so when we needed a new cat sitter, we had no hesitation in contacting her. She is very thorough in both getting information before taking care of the cat and in reporting on the pet's activities in our absence. The cat sitters leave daily reports on how much the cat is eating, whether they played or got pets and general mood of the cat. They are great and we are very pleased with their services!