spirit of the hills wildlife sanctuary

500 n. tinton road
Spearfish, SD 57783

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Nice place to visit

    by: papadford89

    My girlfriend and her co-workers have gone up there as a field trip. She and her co-workers have nothing but nice and great things to say about this place. I would really like to see for myself how wonderful this place is.


    Pretty knowledgable and helps animals



  • 2. Thank you Spirit of the Hills

    by: pugweimlov

    Thank you Spririt of the Hills for your sanctuary in the Black Hills. This place is an inspiration for those who want to preserve the safety and well being of both wild animals and domestic animals. The work you are doing is incredible. \r\n\r\nThis place is great for you to come to the hills and see wild animals in a controlled environment. These animals are treated like wild animals too, they don't do tricks with them and use them for profit of entertainment. They are preserving these animals safety as they can not be returned to the wild because they have been rescued from abusive and unhealthy ways of life. Its a great natural environment for you to view the animals with the natural setting of the trees and hills. \r\nIf you haven't been there seriously go and plan it in for your vacations if you don't live here. You won't be disapointed.


    knowledge, caring, safety, natural inhabitants, humane


    not good picture taking since the fences were knitted so close together

  • 3. Harley & rodeo

    by: harleyNrodeo

    Spirit of the Hills was an unknown to me until August of 2007. I was online looking for the "perfect" dog. I knew it had to be a good one because my husband was reluctant to get a dog again. When I saw Harley, a husky mix, on the list at Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, I knew I had it. My husband loves huskies and his favorite time of the year is during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, when our area is inundated with Harley Davidsons. I contacted sanctuary staff, who were very helpful in telling us everything they could about Harley. We went up to see him, and though there were lots of nice dogs, including Harley's buddy Rodeo, who had come from another shelter with Harley to the sanctuary, Harley was the one we wanted. We brought him home in September. Then in August 2008, my husband decided we should get Rodeo, the coonhound mix who'd been left behind and hadn't been adopted yet. We are so grateful for the help the Spirit of the Hills Sanctuary gives to these unwanted animals. In addition to the dogs and cats and even adoptable llamas, the sanctuary has wolves, tigers, lions, ostriches and other wildlife. It is an amazing place tucked into the hills next to Spearfish, South Dakota. They have done tours in the past and, last I knew, planned to do more. They are a no kill shelter. They have some dogs that will never be adopted, they've just been through too much, but they have a permanent home at the Sanctuary and it is obvious that the staff love and care for each and every one of the animals that live there.


    No-kill and multi-species