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User Reviews (17)

  • 1. WOW, who knew??!!

    by: sweetermelissa

    Wow, this place is open six days a week. THere are so many employees available, and the VOLUNTEER staff rocks. There are so many and they are so very dedicated. There is usually a wide selection of pets ranging from Dogs and cats, to bunnies, birds and rats, ferrets, and more. SO much media coverage is utilized to help find happy homes. The on staff behavioralist to help ensure good family matches. Lost and found department. A lovely adoption center and "pet boutique" that helps, by returning all proceeds to the animals. KUDOS to this place.


    Easy to find someone to assist


    Closed Mondays

  • 2. simply amazing!

    by: Rex2908

    I always thought I was a little nutty with how much I love animals... until I started working for the SPCA of Tampa Bay. I found that the staff and volunteers felt the same way about animals that I did! I was very nervous before I started my first day there because I would see behind the scenes and may not like the way they did certain things. I was completely and totally blown away! Every single person that I have met since day one (staff and volunteers) has one goal, one mission, and one thing in common-- loving, proper and HUMANE care for animals. It is amazing to see every single person at the shelter go above and beyond for every animal that crosses our paths. There is not one animal there that falls through the cracks or doesn't recieve proper loving care. I give major props to the directors!! Everything trickles down from the top. The directors at the shelter are so busy all the time making sure they oversee everything that goes on. They have the biggest hearts for not only the shelter animals but for the employees as well. Everyone in the shelter is completely taken care of!! We have a disaster team that goes out and rescues animals from floods, fires, hurricanes, etc. We also rescue animals from puppy mills! We have court-appointed cruelty investigators on staff that do an AMAZING job!! We have a 24-hour emergency ambulance service for sick and injured strays!! We have the absolute best volunteers anyone could ever ask for! I've never met people more loving than they are! We most definitely couldn't take care of the animals without them!! I could go on for days about how amazing this shelter is!! It is truly a blessing to have such a great place like this!!


    absolutely everything!!


    none at all!!

  • 3. very clean

    by: carryallsmom

    This shelter has knowlegeable staff and the animals are kept in very clean kennels. They also have plenty to eat. Sometimes though, I see the beds are covering the water bowl.


    very clean


    can they reach the water?

  • 4. Great Place

    by: AshleeY

    I volenteer at SPCA Tampa Bay and really enjoy it. Everyone one is really nice and I love spending time with the cats. It always makes me so happy when I kitty cat is adopted and gets to go to a forever home.


    People really care about the animals


    Sometimes there is not enough volenteers to help the customers

  • 5. caring shelter

    by: sunnybroad

    I have adopted over the years 3 dogs and a cat from them, the staff is wonderful, who care very much for these animals who have lost their homes. They go all out to find them all homes. Classes are offered to anyone who chooses to attend. and when recommended by the staff.


    clean, dogs get to go for walks, cats get pets


    that there are homeless animals

  • 6. Cool place

    by: alover14

    I like this place, it has all types of animals and is very fun to just go to. Its kind of like a mini zoo. It is very sanitary and has sanitizing bottles hanging on the wall. There are at least 2 per room.


    Very nice, sanitary, big variaty



  • 7. Great local organization!

    by: Cookie1

    We have been supporting this SPCA as a Guardain Angel for a few years and are glad to see how much this local SPCA has done for our community. They really step in on reported abuse cases and have made the public aware of proper training with behavior classes and also educate the children of the community. I'm proud to be an SPCA supporter and hope that more people will step up and help this SPCA help the animals that can't speak for themselves.


    Great organization and dedicated staff



  • 8. A really good shelter

    by: Dragana

    The people were really nice and the place looks like it is in good shape. Of course I got lost, because the place is big (which isnt a bad complaint). There was a lot of animals that could be great pets.


    Staff is friendly



  • 9. The Good Life for Animals

    by: AnimalLawAttorney

    I love the SPCA of Tampa Bay. The volunteers are beautifully dedicated and kind. Most of my pets are from the SPCA of Tampa Bay.


    Good for all animals



  • 10. Excellent facility

    by: cmanti

    My first trip to this facility was a very good. \r\n I was greeted as soon as I walked into the shelter. I was given directions to the dogs. I was able to observe animals being taken out for walks, meeting prospective owners in a mock living room.\r\n I was looking for a peticular dog so I asked where this dog might be and had 3 people helping me. The puppy was soon brought to me in the living room so I would be able to paly with it and see if the pupy was what I really wanted.\r\n They are very careful who they adopt to. This is a good sign and hopefully this will help prevent more unwanted animals.\r\n We decided to adopt (Rufus) Now known as Nitro.\r\n We were in the office for a little bit but they were extremely busy tha night. Everyone was apologizing for the wait and were still very friendly. the paperwork took o time at all.\r\n We had to come back the next day because the dog had to be Neutered, microchipped, and Tattooed. We also had to sign a form saying that we would not transfer ownership or sell the dog. If we were unable to keep him for any reason he was to be returned to them. What a great experience I had. I wish more shelters would take some direction from them.


    Animals are well cared for.


    A Little cold inside

  • 11. Nice people

    by: Fearvamp68

    Just moved to tampa bay and went in. Everyone there was soo nice and the place was very clean!


    Great people


    hard to fine


    by: animalloverflaa

    I love this shelter, not because I work here, but because of everything it does for the animals. The SPCA of Tanpa Bay goes above and beyond the call of duty for every animal in need. The management is wonderful, the staff is awesome, and the volunteers are terrrific. God Bless the SPCA of Tampa Bay, without you so many lives would be lost. Thank you to the SPCA for saving so many lives each and every day!!!!





  • 13. Fantastic Shelter!!

    by: overseer60

    This is the best shelter one can go to if you need a knowledgeable staff, and support after an adoption. The SPCA TampaBay provides more than just animals that needs homes.....they are always there with behavior help and follow up information. It's a wonderful place to volunteer as well, with the Shelter Manager and staff always showing their appreciation to the hard-working volunteers.


    Always has the animals' well-being as priority #1!


    Not enough adopters for all the wonderful animals.

  • 14. Wonderful shelter!

    by: dukestersmom

    This is a great place to volunteer, work and adopt an animal!


    Family friendly, great location, clean, volunteers are wonderful!


    Nothing!! Well we need more volunteers :)

  • 15. The BEST Shelter Ever...

    by: Xandosa

    Cleanest and Friendliest Shelter I have ever dealt with....


    Great Employees


    Everything Is Great

  • 16. SPCA is Great!!!

    by: pbamom

    The staff is so friendly. They try to help injured or sick animals too! They take responsibility for their animals even when difficult decisions need to be made. Their goal is a good home for all.


    people that sacrafice time and money for animals


    not enough good homes in pinellas county

  • 17. Some things are just meant to be

    by: tmeeks12

    I adopted a dog from this shelter 2 years ago and had such a wonderful experience while going through the process, I decided to try volunteering. A self confessed dog freak, I have been able to help walk, train, and adopt these wonderful dogs. This shelter provides you with excellent training, mentoring, education, and support to make volunteering the fun it should be. One of the best tools they have to help in the adoption process is the "real life room". It is a room where a potential adopter can spend some time with a dog (or cat) in a real life environment with a couch, chairs, toys away from the chaos of the shelter. This room has blended many of hearts. I just can't say enough about the people. They care. Plain and simple.


    This shelter has a wonderful full time and volunteer staff


    We can always use more volunteers