Spca of upstate new york

588 queensbury ave.
Queensbury, NY 12804

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  • 1. communication complaint

    by: mcbride41407

    Call me crazy if you'd like, but my husband and I have 2 small children and a puppy. We would like to have 2 dogs and would prefer to get all of the work involving a puppy out of the way at once. So we took a ride (1 1/2 hour ride) to this spca to see their pets, spoke to them on the phone to make sure they would be open and that they had puppies. Having another puppy as well as a cat and 2 small children we want to raise a puppy to agree with all of these circumstances. After the long ride out there they look at us like we're crazy but show us where the puppies are, then when we ask to see one they tell us we have to have our other puppy with us for a meet and greet... ok fine (you couldn't tell us that before the 1.5 hour drive?)... we were told they would be at pet smart the following day and to bring our puppy with us, (ok fine, atleast its only an hour drive)... so we go bright and early the next morning to find the one we wanted to look at had already been adopted, see another one we might be interested in and ask to see that one. Then we were told that they don't adopt out to families with children under 5 (must of been what the funny looks last night were for)... so I explain how we were at the clinic the day before with our children and were told to come with our puppy today, she has to go talk to the lady in charge and comes back and says "ok, she says she has to see your dogs shot records".... OK... now I understand that all of this is in the best interest of the dogs but now We've driven over 4 hours all together to try to get a puppy for our family, and give an animal a good home, get them out of the crates their stuck in, and I've still gotten no where because of lack of communication... Even looking at their website, their is no mention of any of these requirements.... It is rediculous... On the phone before we went they had no idea we had another dog or children... but when we get there and you see our small children and we tell you about the puppy we have at home, why not tell us about these requirements right away? No, instead they let us look at the puppies and find one we like and then send us on a run around chase!!!


    they appear to try to get the pets out there


    they don't know how to communicate with possible adoptors

  • 2. A Public Relations scam

    by: brandy4

    "The remaining Collies have now been confined to crates by the SPCA for an additional 124 days. They have been denied rehabilitation, foster or adoptive homes, and the dignity every living creature deserves. "\n\nCheck this out. Oh MY GOD. This also goes hand in hand with this shelter when I visitied it a few years ago. They don't let you actually see what is really going on and refuse help so people don't know they neglect some of their dogs. \n\n\nCheck out this website..........and I believe them.\n\nhttp://www.awca.net/SeeleyColliesFeb172008.htm


    They really aren't in it for the animals


    Housing a group of dogs and not providing adequate care.

  • 3. Caring People

    by: HeavensAngela

    I recently adopted my puppy from this shelter. They are caring and wonderful people.


    clean, friendly & loving



  • 4. Animal Lover & Tech Geek loves this shelter!

    by: wylielass

    I've worked and/or volunteered in the non-profit sector for over 20 years, and have never met a more dedicated or caring group of people than those who run the SPCA of Upstate New York.\r\n\r\nWhile you and I are sitting in our respective living rooms, watching the latest "American Idol" or "Nip/Tuck", SPCA volunteers are at the shelter cleaning cages. When we slip out of bed in the morning, bleary-eyed and feeling around for the coffee pot, those same volunteers are already on the job. Their weekends are spent at pet adoption clinics and special fundraising events. Are they crazy? Well.... just about animals!!!\r\n\r\nMy only complaint about this organization is the relative obscurity in which they operate. Truly, they are so busy with the hands-on, day-to-day operations that they just don't have the time to engage in self-promotion. It's unfortunate, because I believe our community should know more about the important work they are doing.\r\n\r\nTo me, the most wonderful thing about the SPCA of Upstate New York is the attitude of everyone involved. Too often, those engaged in such demanding (and at times heartbreaking) work can lose site of the lighter side of life. The seriousness of the situations they deal with makes it almost impossible to laugh, to joke, and to focus on the joyous side of life. But not here. Not these folks!\r\n\r\n"Picture Your Pet with Santa!" proclaims one flyer. Another invites you to "Strut Your Mutt at the Transylvania Tail-Wag!". The SPCA encourages everyone to experience the joy of saving lives, and to revel in the beauty and wonder of our animal friends. Where others would see despair, they see hope. Where others would give up, the press forward. Without doubt they are the best friends an animal -or human - could have!


    Dedicated staff & volunteers


    Need to promote themselves more!