Spca of north brevard incorporated

455 cheney highway
Titusville, FL 32780
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Fantastic People...

    by: StarsRadar

    The staff there is friendly...\r\nIt is clean and doesn't stink from the smell of cat urine and poop...\r\nI adopted my MinPin from there and they all still remember me to this day.\r\nThey're always letting me know when another small dog comes along so he can have a play-mate.\r\nWe go in there atleast 3-4 times a month just to look and play w/ the animals.\r\nOur school PTO also does special things for the SPCA to raise money, buy supplies and toys for the animals...\r\n


    friendly, smiling faces...



  • 2. Super adoption spot

    by: Bookworm5555

    I think it is a great shelter. They are very clean, modern & have an affordable spay neuter/vet clinic on the premises. The people that work there seem to really love their jobs & go out of their way to help you find a pet that fits your wants/needs.


    Their "mobile" adoptions. The take pets to various locations so that they will be seen by more people. this is where I adopted Rudi 8 years ago.


    None, that I know of, except they are in the North end of a County that is 70 miles long, so they may not get "lookie loos" as much as the Central & South locations.

  • 3. Great shelter

    by: Supastar

    This shelter has a good group of people behind it and they are very good at getting to word out about adopting shelter pets and doing fundraisers. I've helped with some fundraisers and events through work with this shelter and they always do an awesome job!


    Animals well taken care of, fairly clean


    A bit small

  • 4. Good shelter

    by: nhujik

    All in all, it's like I said in the pros...clean, happy animals, knowledgeable staff and also friendly. I wish all the animals had homes :(


    Knowledgeable staff, clean and animals were clean and happy


    it's unfortunate they are even in a shelter at all

  • 5. Always caring about animals first!

    by: Spacecoast

    Were very careful to care for the pets in the shelter and prevent the possibility of germ spread.(Even though there was no signs of germs to spread) Animals were clean and well cared for. Personel were very professional and careing.


    careful to care for the animals above all


    almost kept me from getting a pet because my pets visits to the vet had been in my husbands name.

  • 6. spca rocks

    by: spcasavetheanimals

    there a no kill shelter the animals are verey well taken care of and they realy need this and so do the animals


    verey good shelter


    they need updated and they need new things

  • 7. Low cost

    by: Flea

    Its nice to have a place in Titusville that has low cost spay and neuter services. It would be nicer if the vets would work on the weekends. Its hard for the people who need these services to miss work to get their pets fixed.


    Low cost


    clinic not open on weekends