Spca of hernando county inc.

9075 grant street
Brooksville, FL 34613
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User Reviews (18)

  • 1. Friends

    by: savedbypet

    I love this place. I found Murphy here and they helped me with a parking lot adoption. Thank you so much.


    Always helpful and thinks of pets first.



  • 2. great shelter

    by: ctkid

    very caring and dedicated to the animals at the shelter


    very concerned about welfare of their animals


    should be open later

  • 3. Great experiences!

    by: mistylea

    I have adopted two dogs from this SPCA, one in 1/2003 (Britney); and 12/2008 (Benny aka Bounty). The staff was always very helpful to me, making sure my new addition got along with the older one. Benny came home with us while still on medication (my choice) for a bacterial infection and the staff made sure all his meds and vet visits were taken care of. I know not all volunteers/community service people can know everything about every pet in there. I talked with many of the staff about my guys before I brought them home. I commend all of the VOLUNTEERS for taking the time and effort to keep the SPCA running as smooth as it does. Many of them hold full time employment in addition to volunteering. I go visit when I can, and try to bring a donation, and take a dog for a walk, and I know, as little as it is, it is appreciated. Three cheers for this caring place and its wonderful volunteers!! The animals love you!


    Caring staff, hours, helpfullness



  • 4. Excelent

    by: kindhearted

    I volunteer here every week and I more than love it. I love all the board members and volunteers here. It is so much fun playing in the yard with the dogs, teaching them new tricks and training them also playing with the cats in the huge lanai! They need this attention while they wait for their forever homes. I just wish I could take them all home!! Doggie licks and kitty purrs are truly rewarding for me and make my day so much happier. I've been reading some of the reviews on how the "volunteers" here aren't helpful nor friendly...BUT that's because those aren't "volunteers" those are community service workers. Sometimes they don't do what they are politely asked to do. Sometimes they do their own thing not listening. Please don't take this personal, ALWAYS ask whoever is up front at the desk for help.


    I volunteer here


    community service people aren't helpful



    This Is A Great Place, Their Staff Knows How To Make You Feel Welcome. And They Treat The Animals There With Care And Respect, From What I've Seen.





  • 6. Didn't take one home

    by: chesterhershey

    This is one of the first places my husband and I stopped when we were looking for a dog. We were excited and ready to adopt that day. Unfortunately, no one there wanted to help us. When we had questions about the dogs, we couldn't get answers and the shelter seemed messy.


    they take in needy animals


    not very helpful

  • 7. Been years

    by: ganggang

    We had a dog dumped a few years ago. We could not keep her because she killed one of our cats. She hated cats. The Humane Society was full, but at that time the SPCA went out of their way to help us. They found a foster home for her without cats. I believe the staff has all changed now and maybe not for the better.


    Very helpful


    Staff not all on same page

  • 8. Getting it together

    by: zookeeper99

    We adopted a dog from there several years ago. We knew of the dog and were looking for her when we found her there. The people we dealt with at the that time were reasonably friendly but, not tooo sure of procedures. Since then, they HAVE received a lot of bad press. Warranted or not, who's to say. I PERSONALLY have seen a decline in the quality of customer service, the quality of volunteers and the lack of interest in even review volunteer applications of the last few years. However, they have now (hopefully) resolved their political issues and are on the road to a more succesful times. I know some of the new board members and I am confident that they are right for the changes needed. I will add, that I have NEVER witnessed any intentional mistreatment of any animals in this shelter. I have always seen nothing but the utmost concern for the animals. As, far as them taking in "too many", it was just in an effort to try and save them and get them into homes. Good Luck SPCA, and keep up the good work.


    They have good animals



  • 9. One of a few shelters in our county

    by: shsailorman

    Hard working people trying to overcome problems that have plagued them over the years. They seem to be making good progress recently.


    Established in our community for many years


    Too small for the community

  • 10. A long history

    by: 101andcounting

    I lived here when they built the shelter. I volunteered to help and join the spca but they said they didn't need any help.


    Newer building and lots of land


    They always seem to have people problems there.

  • 11. SPCA not for us.

    by: Suebea

    We adopted a dog from here a few years ago. We found everyone very helpful and friendly. We had to take our dog back to have her spayed and shortly after she died. She seemed to be very healthy prior to but we only had her a few short days. She was very listless after the spaying and never recovered. We never returned after that incident.


    Friendly and helpful staff


    Hours could be better, don't care for spay service

  • 12. Not friendly

    by: zues

    We went there to find a cat. The volunteers were not very friendly and not attentitive. We felt like we were on our own.




    not friendly

  • 13. They were helpful

    by: TheInnocent

    My neighbor who was having problems, brought me their dog, and I couldn't keep it, I called around and this was the only place that would accept him, he was a purebred and the lady who I talked with said she would take him home with her to be fostered. I left feeling secure that he would find a good home.


    They took in a dog when no one else would



  • 14. Dedicated core volunteers

    by: kitamom

    My main problem with a majority of shelters is that they seem to cater more to cats than dogs, their census's always includes more cats. Maybe they take up less space or take less care I don't know. I wish more effort was made to help more dogs. This shelter seems clean, and has asecond hand shop to raise funds.


    convenient location, dedicated volunteers


    not enough room- seem to concentrate more on cats

  • 15. A Lot of Changes

    by: phneccowafers

    There has been so much negative press and name calling within the organization that it has put people off. They have rescued many cats, but do not seem to be dog friendly.


    It is looking better than a few years ago


    Too much fighting and inconsistancy of information

  • 16. great place to start looking for a pet

    by: jimmkol

    i went here 3 times looking for a cat and then a dog, the place is full of volunteers and they are very helpfull and not pushy in offering ideas and suggestions. there is a feeling of " not everyone gets along there" that is felt quickly upon entering. they seem to need a little " cant we just all get along " we left because we did not find the right animal for us... but the right animal for you could be there needing rescue


    many animals available



  • 17. They Seem To Be Making Progress

    by: pumpkinandcupcake

    They love animals and they seem to be making some progress in an effort to turn things around after a very difficult year. It was clean and pleasant on my last visit and the animals were well cared for.


    Their hearts are in the right place and they are trying to turn things around.


    Personal conflicts have been a problem.

  • 18. They Try...

    by: nanettejw

    This organization started many, many years ago. They were, at one time the leading rescue organization in our area. Sadly, in the past year or so they have been plagued with internal politics. They have struggled to manage the influx of cats they take in. They should only take in (according to local vets) about 60 cats and they often can be found with triple that amount. This has caused them to have extensive vet bills due to cross-contamination of health issues.\nYet, for the most part their hearts are in the right place. They are trying to save animals lives - they simply lack the professional business management to run more like a business and less like an animal warehouse.\nAlso, they are very closed to offers for help - they seem to want to do things on their own. They ask for money to help them accomplish their goals - but a lot of that money goes to paying people to work the facility because they can't seem to keep volunteers.\nWe do wish them well and hope that they will have a successful 2009. If we can help - as we have offered before - we will.


    They try to do the right thing


    They often get in over their heads by taking in too many cats.