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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Fred Acker is a crook and slob

    by: fedupanddisgusted

    I adopted a sweet dog from Fred Acker. He took my money, did no check on me. Tried to give me a sick dog on the same day he met me. Assured me that the hairloss was NOT mange but ony a thyroid issue, and when I received the paperwork that he "lost" 4 days later only to find the word "MANGE" in black and white and he lied. He took the dog back from his vet where I took him. My vet said this man is disgusting. He took the dog back and refused my calls to see if he had the dog treated. He said I should call his lawyer but gave no name. I left a message saying that I would just pay the bills and to give the dog back and even then just to spite me he refused. THis is how much he "cares" for the animals. I told him off and he did not like it. I called anminal control who told me that this is Fred Acker's M.O. and I was not the first at all. I feel so bad for this poor dog and I wish I never gave him to him to be treated because I never dreamed that he would just et him perish. We are suing this jerk and animal control is going to make him treat the dog or give him back to me.


    other staff very nice and caring


    dirty, lie to adopters about major health issues


    by: VSILANO

    Fred Acker is a low class criminal. He broke into my house and placed surveillance devices in the hallway, into my own dogs and in a mirror across from my bed. Fred Acker is a sociopathic low class uneducated criminal. He will do whatever it takes to make himself rich and successful. He hasn't filed a personal tax return for years. He owes the STate of Connecticut over $300,000 for a judgment won against him for stealing people's identity and selling same to third parties. He is not in jail because, according to statements made by him, the Bridgeport Police Department has given him "protection" from the Monroe Police Department as a gratuity for bugging my house. The City of Bridgeport got nothing from the tapes, but according to Fred Acker himself, threats by Fred Acker that he would go public and let the world know what he did and that the Bridgeport Police Department, particularly Deputy Chief James J. Honis, failed to prosecute him in exchange for the tapes he obtained from my house. I have never been arrested or charged with a crime, there was nothing on those tapes to warrant him not being arrested for the break in. What he did was take my male pit bulls, who where separated, and put them together and made them fight. According to my neighbors, Fred came to my house dressed as a UPS man. When the incident happened, we called the UPS office who stated that none of their drivers would enter the house. Fred Acker recorded the dog fight he created, in my own home, and proclaimed to Bridgeport that "Virginia has dog fights going on in my house and I am fighting dogs." Even after this, the Bridgeport Police Department failed to do a thing. Why? Because Deputy Chief James J. Honis is a corrupt sociopathic criminal who had his own agenda. It is the most disgusting thing I could ever think of. A self proclaimed "rescuer" and he deliberately put my dogs together, caused them to fight, then recorded it so he could give it to Bridgeport. His goal was to get rid of the volunteers at the Bridgeport Animal Shelter so Freaky Freddy could be "king" of the rescue industry. I am currently pursuing a claim against the City of Bridgeport, its police department and will be pursuing a claim individually against James J. Honis. Needless to say, any "protection" Fred Acker a/k/a Freaky Freddy was getting from the Monroe Police Department or the Department of Agriculture is null and void. If I don't see the laws fairly applied immediately, I will begin to play the tapes we LEGALLY obtained from Fred Acker on several different occasions.





  • 3. Hording Situation - Scam

    by: Rescueme2please

    I made the mistake of volunteering there for one of the special adoption events. I went early to help clean. I found a filthy unheated old farm house crammed in every room with cages and crates. The smell and volume of noise was unbelievable. There were far far more dogs than ever showed on their Petfinder page. Cleaning was done with bleach water and one rag and that same bucket of filthy water was used on every crate I cleaned! I asked about the dogs in very small cages on the porch and were told they were biters. I went out and several went crazy trying to get to me. On the Petfinder senior page the Lhasa and terrier are still listed and I saw them over a year ago! I also saw an ancient German shepherd who was posted on www.germanshepherds.com as needing a rescue, but, although he was on the SPCA Petfinder site Acker refused to allow him to be adopted out. He's gone now so I assume he died in that hell hole. I was given NO information about the dogs to tell potential adopters. I saw mill dogs and dogs just in from a shipment from the south adopted straight out with no evaluation or warning that the mill dogs would have emotional issues. I did my best to tell people what to expect, but I was only one person. The volunteers treated it like a party where dogs were the doorprize. I met Fred Acker and found him to be extremely charismatic and slick. At no point did I ever see him so much as look at a dog let alone assist in any of the cleaning, walking or even petting a dog. They are a product to be brought in and moved out. Everything at the event and on his site is designed to get donations, but the dogs don't see them. I was told the house is unheated ALL the time! I also noted that the volunteers think he is wonderful and make excuses for the conditions the dogs are kept in. I complained to him about the conditions and made some suggestions. He seemed very nice about it, but when I tried to adopt one of the dogs at the end of the day I was told that the dog was suddenly "unavailable." This place exists to make money for Acker, polish his considerable ego and feed his hording need. The city has tried to shut him down many times without success. I hope that they succeed soon for the welfare of the poor dogs unfortunate enough to end up there.




    Over crowded, dirty, dogs warehoused for years,

  • 4. ...

    by: Kelsington

    These people are being kicked out of Monroe for having to many dogs and trying ot move to New Milford. A place that already has an animal shelter. Not even five min. away. I realize they are trying to help animals, but the runs are going to be completly inside. They should move somewhere where there isn't a long established animal shelter!





  • 5. Monroe Shelter

    by: Saltaway

    We adopted a SATO from the Monroe Shelter and he is the best boy. He had just recently come to be at the shelter, he turned out to be a bit younger then they first thought. The personnel took great pains to make sure we were who we said we were. I would adopt from there again.


    They care about the animals in their care.


    They could use a new facility

  • 6. This is a great place!

    by: laurawoodycody

    These people are so hard working and take great care of all of these animals. I cannot say enough about Fred Acker, Director of SPCA of CT, Monroe. He truly is a SAINT! I wish more people would come here and see the animals that need homes and ADOPT!!! My doggie is from there and they are currently helping me with a situation. I am so proud to say that I know these people and how much love and devotion goes into running this shelter everyday! Please adopt and tell everyone you know about this place! They need donations of any kind also to make it better for the animals that they take care of too! God Bless all of the animals and people who run these kinds of shelters!


    Everyone there loves these animals and treats them like they are they're own!


    They need new cages and bedding for the animals and other supplies too!

  • 7. nice people

    by: gibs7usa

    these are nice people willing to help