Spay Neuter Services Of Kansas City

10014 East 47th Street
Kansas City, MO 64133

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  • 1. Update on this clinic

    by: shanvw

    Spay and Neuter KC is now located at 3710 Main\r\nand is a separate clinic for low-cost spay and neuter\r\nand vaccinations. Its goal is to reduce the number\r\nof unwanted, abandoned pets through emphasis\r\non spay/neuter. It holds monthly "MASH"\r\nclinics where local vets and the University of\r\nMissouri vet school people alter many cats and dogs.\r\nIt has only 3-4 full time employees and they do a \r\ngreat job; they deal with a lot of difficult people and\r\ndo their best to educate the public on the importance\r\nof fixing our pets.


    SUPER people working here trying to make a difference in pet overpopulation


    none in particular