Southwick Veterinary Hospital

4814 Lemay Ferry Road
Saint Louis, MO 63129

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Not the best...but okay

    by: davisar

    Dr. Bock has been our family vet for about 30 years now. However, it seems that over the past 5-7 years the quality of care has decreased. My pug, Dozer, always starts barking when arrive at the office and doesn't stop until we get into the car to go home. I guess this annoyed Dr. Bock, so she gave him a heavy dose of a sedative without telling us. Soon after she administered the shot, Dozer collapsed on floor, his tongue turned blue, and his heart slowed down. She had to then give him something to reverse the effect of the sedative. This whole event scared us so very much! Last summer when I took my Akita/Lab mix, Ted Danial, to Dr. Bock for his yearly shots it was a very upsetting visit. Ted Daniel is an aggressive dog b/c of his past experience on the streets, so he doesn't really like people outside of our family. I asked Dr. Bock for something to calm him down for his visit and asked if we could be put into an examination room as soon as we arrived so he won't get upset by other people/pets comming in and out of the office. Well, when we arrived to the office Ted Daniel immediately came out of sedation and we had to wait over a hour for a examination. Therefore, by the time Dr. Bock was ready for him, he had enough and became very aggressive. This was a very traumatic experience for Ted Daniel!! \r\n\r\nI know that Dr. Bock knows her stuff and that is why we continue to go to her but we have had several bad experiences with her, including but not limited to those mentioned above.


    Very nice facility


    Not very accomodating!

  • 2. A great place to take your pet!

    by: Janee02

    I thought I wrote this review before, but I'll start over again:\r\n\r\nSouthwick Vet Hospital is a very good place to go if you want to have the best care in the South County area. They are decently priced and everyone really cares about your pets. The doctors are knowledgable, friendly, and will let you know what's going on with your pet. I reccomend the hospital to anyone in the area.


    Great staff, great doctors, great customer service, knowledgable



  • 3. Terrific Vet

    by: KSD

    Dr. Bock has been our veterinarian for about three years now and she is just as good with cats as she is with dogs. After treating our cogi for about a year Dr. Bock had to put him down and she was so caring and really helped us through it. We still use her for both our cats. Not every vet seems to be good with cats, but she is.


    Experienced & Caring Vet