Southside animal shelter inc

1614 w. edgewood ave
Indianapolis , IN 46217

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. caring for lost and homeless pets relying on donations to provide a warm temporary home to these little darlings

    by: waggintrails2

    they really need volunteers and supplies to help these poor homeless animals. They exist soley on the kindness and charity of people.


    love of animals


    relying on kindness of animal lovers

  • 2. Love my cat

    by: echabra

    I adopted on of my cats from Southside. Att he time I got her, she was in a foster home. The foster mom was wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone. However, the staff I dealt with at the shelter were very rude and short with me. When I adopte my cat, I was told she had not had all of her kitten shots and would need to come back to the shelter in 4 weeks to get her last round. It would then be my responsibility to make sure she got her first round of adult shots. When I called the shelter to take her in for baby shots, the lady I talked to told me that I was told no such thing and the shelter no longer had an interest in my cat! I hate that the foster mom was so great but the actual staff was so awful.


    Foster Mom Very Caring


    Shelter Staff not so nice