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Medford, OR 97501
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. A shelter in need

    by: erinlinton

    Junior year of Highschool I dropped out do to heath issues and depression. That year I went to the shelter eight times searching for the right dog. The shelter employees were great, always greating me and showing me the new dogs and giving me inside information on the dogs and thier personalities. They asked me lots of questions pertaining to how active I was, what space the dog would have, and gave me thier opinions on what dogs would be a good fit for me and my life style. I found Cosette on my 8th vist to the shelter. She was around 3 months old and had been out for viewing less then an hour. The shelter employees gave me lots of tips and told me everthing they new about her. This proved to be life-saving. The employees took the time to tell me that Parvo was previlent in the area where she was found as a stray. Even though Cosette had been kept separate from other dogs for the alloted time and had show no symptoms she ended up coming down with Parvo within forty-eight hours of her adoption. Thanks to the warning and thoughtfulness of the staff I knew what to look for and got Cosette into the vet ASAP. This saved her life, and it could be said it has saved mine as well. Because of Cossette companionship many of my health issues have resolved themselves including a deep depression. This shelter really goes the extra miles in informing the people coming through there doors and making sure of the best fit between owner and pet.


    They service a large area, have a good foster care program, great volenteers, convicts who have sentences there (it is a good healing exsperience) and wonderful animals ( thats where Cosette is from)


    Never enough founding and never enough volenteers

  • 2. Wonderful staff

    by: BearBear

    We found a dog out in the middle of the woods and wanted to keep him but were unable. We had to get authorization from our landlord first, as we were renting a home. We took the dog to the South Coast Humane Society and asked if there was anyway they could hold this dog that we had just rescued until we heard back from our landlord. They really worked with us. They did all the usual check in stuff (Vet visit, neutering, de-worming and all) and put a hold on him for us. My daughter and I went to visit Bear twice a day, everyday they were open. They let us go back on our own, take him out to play and more. When we finally got our okay to have a pet at our house the adoption process went very smoothly. We had to pay the $60 adoption fee that was very reasonable considering everything they do before a pet can be adopted. I have told everyone I know how great we feel this place is, and even know a few people who have also adopted a pet from there. Last year I had my kids group make dog treats then go feed them to the dogs, and the staff was very friendly and helpful then as well. As soon as my kids are in school I plan on being a regular volunteer there!!\n\nI also encourage everyone to donate their used stuff to the South Coast Humane Society Thrift store. And any pet toys, food, goodies, or blankets they may have to the shelter itself.\n\nThanks for helping Bear and our family get together!




    not enough volunteers