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  • 1. way too busy

    by: paintedlove

    I understand that these guys have more than one patient, but when you have an appt time scheduled, you should get 100% attention to your horse. Jason is so busy that he spends such a minute amount of time with my horse. One big issue for me is that my paint mare is very sensitive to vaccines and I feel a vet should wait at least a few mins after dispensing a vaccine to make sure there are no reactions. But these guys shoot her up and gone! All of 5 mins from the time they get there to the time they pull out of the driveway. I think they need another vet because if you're too busy to spend some decent time with your patients, then it's just a matter of time before something goes wrong. Knowledgeable vet, though.


    good vet


    too busy

  • 2. you can trust jason mcclendon with your horses life!!!!!!!!!

    by: butchswanson

    Jason McClendon is the best vet in the state! on memorial day at about 5pm i noticed blood on my paint mare, cheyennes rear legs. when i looked under he tail i saw the worst sight i have ever seen. her female organs were ripped, torn and swollen. she was gushing blood. i tied up her tail and called Jason expecting to hear that he could not come out until the morning and by then cheyenne would have been dead. Jason was at my house in about 30 minutes and began to clean the nasty looking wound. we still cannot determine how it happened unless one of the other mares bit her and ripped with thier teeth. once clean he began to sew her up internally with the precision of a brain surgeon. once the internal sutchering was complete the external began. i was trying to prepare myself for him saying we must put her down and i have raised her from a baby and she has given me 3 beautiful foals and i love her very much. Jason knows this and he worked tirelessly for hours to fix her up. i am not out of the woods yet as i must give her antibiotics and pray that it does not infect. Jason is optimistic that she will be okay and that sets my mind at ease' The short of it is that Jason McClendon literally saved my mares life on a holiday afternoon when most vets could not even be contacted. Jason, there are no words suitable to express my gratitude for saving cheyenne! if there is a State Equine Vet it should be Jason McClendon! If i could pay him the fee he deserved then he would have an airplane and a limo to handle his future emergencies with. ANYONE WHO HAS AN ANIMAL THAT THEY LOVE SHOULD NEVER HESITATE TO PLACE ITS LIFE IN JASON MCCLENDON'S HANDS. THANK YOU FOR SAVING CHEYENNE, JASON YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!! BUTCH SWANSON Was this review helpful? 00 Report Abuse |


    Best vet in GA


    jason and matt cannot be in several places at once!