Southeast area animal control authority (seaaca)

9777 seaaca street
Downey, CA 90241
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. When I lived w/my Mom in Downey......

    by: berov39

    I took my mixed German Shepard/Collie, SHOOTER there for all his shots and needs. The place was very clean but the staff didnt seem to knowledgable when it came down to asking about finding the owners of a dog w/a chip.


    Clean, Friendly,


    Staff not that knowledgable

  • 2. Very clean

    by: vanymax

    I came here a few weeks when I was thinking about getting a kitten. The people at the front desk greeted me and said to go right ahead to viewing rooms. This facility has been remodeled fairly recently, I remember visiting several years ago and being very disappointed at the facility conditions, but it is very nice and clean now. There are large glass doors and windows allowing you to look inside the rooms. One side of the shelter holds the male dogs and the other side holds the female dogs. The dogs are also separated by size and there is a special room for puppies as well. There is a separate room for cats and kittens. There were a lot of very young volunteers the day that I stopped by, but they were very friendly and seemed willing to help anyone who asked. \nThey also offer low cost vaccinations and veterinary services--not all the time though, check their website for their hours. My dogs have gotten their shots here before and it is less expensive than what my normal vet charges. The only bad thing is that there are always many people waiting for the vet, but the line moves fairly quickly.


    Clean, new facility, animals appear to be in good health


    Many people waiting for vet services

  • 3. Very cold-hearted staff.

    by: tigerluvr77

    They just don't care about the animals the way they should, their staff isn't very good on customer service. They really need some lessons in sensitivity when it comes to having your pet put down. They disgusted me.


    It's not far from home.


    Staff is so cold-hearted.