South Park Dog Park

Corrigan Drive
South Park, PA 15129

User Reviews (25)

  • 1. South Park walks

    by: NibblersMom

    Nibbler and I (and his daddy) love South Park, it's close to us and we always see other Bostons there to play with, We only tried to go into the actual dog park once, because there's always to many big dogs in there, the one time I took him in there was a Meany in there who scared me. We don't go in the fenced in area any more we just walk on the trails and by the duck pond which is still nice, I just wish more parks would have little dog areas.


    We always see fellow Bostons here


    The park as a whole is nice, but there needs to be a better little dog area

  • 2. My dog loves the off leash area

    by: edog1

    Pros: My medium dog loves going to the park. Its a great place for her to stretch her legs and meet other dogs and people. If you have a dog that is well socialized with other dogs and loves to run, I highly recommend the off leash area. Most owners are attentive to and clean up after their dogs. The park can be very muddy if it is rainy so take your wellies! Con: Some owners gather at the top of the hill and do not pay enough attention to what their dogs are doing. If all of the owners stand at the top of the hill, most of the dogs concentrate in that area as well. This seems to be when scuffles arise. I find walking my dog away from these large groups is the best strategy as she finds a few dogs to play with instead of such a large pack and gets to really run and stretch her legs. I love everyone's friendly attitudes but please don't forget to watch your dogs and stop bad behaviors before they become serious!


    Great Space for dogs to run & play


    A few unattentive owners

  • 3. S.P.D.P.

    by: mishymoo1

    The South Park Dog Park is a nice place to go. The people are friendly and are pretty good about cleaning up after their pets.


    Easily accessible



  • 4. Fun, convenient dog park

    by: MrsThomp0519

    Josie (my puggle) likes this park a lot. There are always playmates for her to run around with. It can be a little muddy, but I bring a pair of old boots and a sheet for Josie to sit on in the car. There is fresh water for the pups in the summer and an enormous area where dogs can run and be a dog. There tend to be larger dogs there (40+) pounds but those are the size dogs Josie plays best with. We love to go there and have a great time every trip there.


    Convenient, fenced in, large area


    can be muddy at times

  • 5. NO longer goes to this park

    by: quiltlady

    The dog park is muddy, sucking mud, so people have a hard time walking and the dogs get very dirty. Some people do not pick up after there dog, so there is dog poop everywhere. My dog got sick the last time he was there and the vet said it was from sniffing the dog poop. She advised me not to take him back there. Walking on leash out side the fence in the park is very enjoyable. They provide cans and plastic bags if you forget to take one. I will walk my dog there on leash, but he won't go back to the dog park.


    My beagle loved running free inside the fence.



  • 6. looks like a large area to tire your dog out

    by: rmh15129

    I never actually took my small dogs there because while stopping by to have a look, all the dogs are large, and my small dogs would be very intimidated. They are better off just running in my fenced back yard. But the big dogs always look like they are having a good time.


    large fenced area


    doesn't look like a place to take small dogs

  • 7. Good but...

    by: oheringrafx

    I used to take my dog to this park frequently when he was young. However, I have found that a great number of owners ignore their dogs because of the fence. I am not saying that my dog is an angel but when he misbehaves(is dominant ,plays too aggressively, wants to bully weaker dogs) I make sure to correct him. Lately I have been taking him to off leash areas that are unfenced because I find that the dogs are more disciplined and under stricter control.


    large,water available in summer


    Too many people with cell phones and other distractions

  • 8. nice dog park

    by: lorilynn1111

    our 3 dogs like it there a lot even though most of the dogs when we are there are big dogs. They can run and have some fun. We think they may be thinking they are getting away from us even though we know they can not get out. people seem very friendly and they do look after their pets


    large area and plenty of parking


    mud mud mud & could use more trees

  • 9. Molly hates the dog park!

    by: Tiffany946

    My dogs HATES the dog park. She loves other dogs, but hates when a pack of dogs attack her as soon as she walks in the gate. PLus she always ends up smelling. We are not fans of south park's off leash area.


    It's a big off leash area


    It's muddy, swampy, and smells!

  • 10. Exhaust your dog

    by: marcusswifty

    My dog loves this off-leash park because he can run to his heart's content. Owners I've met there have always been very careful about controlling their dogs until they've gotten to know one another. They will get dirty because of the many dirt/mud areas, but there is a creek just outside the fenced in area where they can wash off their paws.


    spacious, friendly dogs


    occasional piles of poo

  • 11. hmmm..

    by: HariDecisis

    wasn't able to get in - the entrances were so muddy they were sucking people's shoes off! if they fix that, i'm sure my girl will LOVE it - it looks like an amazing dog park!


    looks amazing - many friendly dogs & people



  • 12. Dog loves it

    by: maq333

    My Cassi loves South Park dog park. Nice big area to run....a variety of fellow dog breeds & lots to sniff. Some owners need to watch their pets a bit more closely. Need to keep an eye on your beloved four legged family member at all times.


    My dog loves SP dog park


    Owners need to watch their own pets more closely

  • 13. Not for the meek.

    by: tmosspa

    I took my medium sized dog here for some off leash time. Definately not for the meek. There were some very frisky, VERY large dogs. Some owners were very good about controling their animals. Some could have cared less. It would be better if they had a seperate area for smaller dogs.


    Large, clean fenced in area, easily accessable


    Too many large dogs, no control

  • 14. Great outdoor hang out

    by: brunosmom

    It is a big fenced open area that people let their dogs run unsupervised and have no control over their dogs..they also do not clean up after their pets so it's messy. On the good's free if you want to take your chances.


    Free...Big open fenced area


    people do not clean up after their dogs

  • 15. Great place

    by: LiamD

    Great place to take your dog and let him run. Lots of room for them to run around. We've never encountered any problems at South Park!


    Lots of room



  • 16. not any more

    by: heather11529

    I used to take my dogs every day. then 2 many bully dogs in there anymore. i have 2 big dogs and both have been bit and owners seem not 2 pay attention 2 their dogs. my dogs really enjoyed going there until 2 many bully dogs came in. thanks 4 ruining it 2 all the people that shouldnt take their dogs in. we can never go back. i do miss the good odgs and people that we used 2 c everyday! again thanks 2 ruining what was good experience u all know who u r!!!!!!!!


    dogs do have fun


    2 many aggesive dogs

  • 17. Great place!

    by: Winiferd

    Great place to let the dogs run! They really enjoy it! They have enough room to get in a nice long run! Then they get tired out and take a nap on the way home!


    Great place to run



  • 18. Nice place for large dogs to stretch their legs.

    by: AliceRJ

    I think my dog had fun there. I was a little edgy because he is a medium sized dog and there seemed to be only large breeds there. He tried to run and play with them, but when they jumped on him they knocked him down. Their owners seemed way more concerned with talking to each other than watching or cleaning up after their dogs. We didn't go back to this one. On the plus side, it is a very large fenced area where large dogs with small yards can stretch their legs.


    large fenced area


    mostly large dogs with inattentive owners

  • 19. BIG

    by: RichStoops

    2 of our guys are big sprinters so they love the huge size of this park - they can really open up and haul. I like that it's totally fenced in, water is always available, there are lots of chairs to sit in and bathrooms for humans are only a few steps away. There is a lot of mud if it is damp at all, and of course your usual ignoramouses who let their dogs crap all over and never even attempt to pick it up or don't watch their dogs and let them behave like bullies - but that's not the park's fault. I only wish it were closer to us, it takes forever for us to get there.


    It's enormous and completely fenced in


    Ignorant people

  • 20. Must remain attentive

    by: medarby

    The off-leash dog park at South park is nice and one of my dogs has a blast there. However, I have noticed that a lot of owners let their dogs run without paying attention to them (not stopping them from jumping and bothering other dogs, or not picking up their poop). I recommend anyone going there be prepared to watch their dog as vigilantly as they would a human child at the park. Also, there tends to be more larger dogs than smaller dogs at the park, so keep that in mind when planning your visit. If you take children, make sure they are aware of how to behave properly around dogs.


    nice off-leash area


    little grass, bad owners, poop

  • 21. We don't take them There Anymore

    by: GSDRule97

    I no longer take my dogs to that park, because first of all, when my GSD was a puppy, he was very frightened, shy, and scared of strangers. People would just come up to him and pet him. Thats not the parks' fault, but it was rude! Then, I hear that a small dog has died there! To improve the nature of more people going, they should:\r\n1. Hire "Dog Gaurds" to prevent fights and stop them.\r\n2. Put in a little pond or pool, so the dogs can play there, and drink.


    lots of space, trees,


    Dog died there?

  • 22. Community jewel

    by: LBC

    What a resource for the right dogs! But, they gotta be dog dogs. My family pets were intimidated and I didn't like the mud. But, they ones who were using it loved it, and it is in a county park so all are welcome.


    Almost everysocial dog loves to come here


    so many come it gets muddy and crowded

  • 23. Not for me and my girls

    by: jeansexauer

    I like the idea of a dog park but I didn't feel comfortable with the way some people did the socializing and didn't pay attention to their dogs. My dogs were shy and didn't care for the big dogs jumping on them and sniffing them. The parents were sitting on a bench and not paying a bit of attention while the dogs pooped and jumped on people and dogs. I may be too mother henish with my girls but I never went back.


    gives the dogs freedom


    people don't watch their dogs

  • 24. Pretty good dog park

    by: LaurenS

    South Park has a nice dog park. It's nice because it's a leash free area, fenced in. Dogs can play with eachother there and romp freely. Pretty big and pretty clean. Sometimes it can be a bit crowded though, and there is always the risk of a dog fight breaking out. But dogs do enjoy it, and I enjoy watching them play.


    large area


    can be too crowded sometimes

  • 25. A great fenced in area for dogs!

    by: Rcourtad

    Your dog will have an amazingly good time. They can run, play, or just lay around in the sun or shade. Most people there clean up after their own dogs so it is always clean.


    huge area, water bowls and fountains, double entry gates


    cant think of any