South Monroe Animal Hospital

2255 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. DON'T recommend

    by: starbreezetarot

    Our 14 year old dog was under the care of our other vet 3 hours away. We knew her time was coming and unfortunately it came on a Saturday morning when we were out of town. We went to this vet because it was the only one that was open that we had been to before. This was not the vet we dealt with before at this clinic, it was a male vet. HORRIBLE! Its never easy to make that decision, but its even worse when you are treated with insensitivity and the vet all but laughs while he's letting your pet go. He was a monster. My 16 year old daughter was crying into her hands at having to let her best friend go. He didn't care. He was very cocky and jolly. Afterwards, he asked me out of the corner of his mouth if I "wanted the body?" Like I would really leave my dog's body with a sicko like him. I highly DON'T recommend.


    not sure


    rude and insensitive

  • 2. Great customer service

    by: DrKerry

    I enjoyed my time here, customer service was excellent, the vets were knowledgable, and the wait was short.


    not busy


    location...a little out of the way