South Meadow Animal Clinic

3020 Sycamore School Rd
Fort Worth, TX 76133

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Great people that love animals

    by: holly06aggie

    I've been taking my 4 cats to this vet for about 2 years now. I'm happy with them overall, as they do clearly love the animals and take great care of them. However, this is still not the type of vet I'm quite looking for. They try to recommend me products that I don't need and know I don't need because I'm knowledgeable, and I want a vet that will give it to me straight and INFORM me. \n\nFor example, my cats don't need flea medication, as they are only indoor, and a simple flea bath once if they EVER had them will do. And yet, they try and get me to buy flea treatment every time I come in which is ridiculous.\n\nAnother example would be [please bear in mind that this is true with most vets] they advertise Science Diet like it's the best thing since sliced bread, but it's NOT. They just advocate it because the company donates a bunch of money to vet schools. What you need to look for are quality ingredients--a chicken meal or fish meal as the FIRST ingredient, NOT a wheat or grain product, and no by-products in the first 3 ingredients. The best foods say 'Chicken Meal or Formula'. For example, I feed PurinaOne Naturals Salmon Formula.\n\nJust remember, just because they're a vet doesn't mean they're giving you completely accurate and true information. RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF. I did.


    Great caring people, take great care of the animals


    Exam fee is charged even when unnecessary, somewhat pushy

  • 2. Dr. Windham South Meadow Animal Clinic

    by: kprado

    This vet has helped me through everything from regular vacines to major TPLO surgery for a dog with a severed ACL. I have been very impressed with his knowledge of both cat & dog health issues. He has assembled a staff who function as a team. In the 2 years that I've used this clinic I'm been treated with great respect & my animals have had caring, humane care.


    Great location & friendly, helpful staff.


    Good hours but not open 24 hours or Sundays.

  • 3. Outanding Veterinarian

    by: tprado

    Dr. Wyndham and staff have taken really great care of all of our animals (Two dogs and four cats). They treat them just like they would treat their own pets. We know we can trust their judgment. They are also very efficient and well organized.


    Excellent Veterinarian Care, Great Staff, Organized, Professional



  • 4. Very kind and gentle

    by: mwhitt

    This Dr. has always been great by helping our shelter with reduced prices for spay/neuter,and rabies vaccines.We really appreciate all he has done for us!


    used to work here



  • 5. A Star in Our Eyes

    by: gettadog

    When he was taking care of our shelter animals he was fantastic..,when he moved to Ft.Worth into his own clinic we were thrilled for him but so upset that we were losing him. But he still helps by taking care of our adopted guys in Ft.Worth.You are the best.Thanks !


    very proffessional yet very caring and down to earth


    too far from us and a little pricey !