South jersey veterinary emergency service

535 maple avenue
Linwood, NJ 08221
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. 24 hour service is a life saver

    by: darrenf

    SJ Veterinary emergency is a great facility that I had to use once when I came home at 2 in the morning to find Bobby limping with a puncture wound in his leg. Suspecting a snake bite, I immediately took him to SJVES. They quickly admitted him and checked him over to make sure he was stable, and then determined that it was in fact not a snake bight, but that my clumsy cat had got caught on perhaps a fence and sprained his leg. A relief to be sure, and I am even more relieved to know that such great care is always available nearby.


    Open 24 hours, ready for emergencies.



  • 2. 24 Hour Emergency Services Available

    by: gajets

    Having emergency services close to home is greatly appreciated! There are not many facilities around us still offering this so it's extrememly important that they are here. My extended family had to rush their pet there one Sunday and they were great! What likely would have turned into a fatal disaster, Linwood Animal Clinic turned it around and saved another life! So kudos to the team and thanks!


    Open 24 Hours