South Hyland Pet Hospital

5400 W Old Shakopee Rd
Bloomington, MN 55437

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Best vet!

    by: rachelhoagiemaxsugar

    I went here to have one of my cats lazer declawed and neutered. This veterinary clinic was amazing! Their customer service was A+, they were so nice, explained the procedures well and made me feel at ease with having the procedures done on my cat. When the procedure was done, they not only brought my cat out not in his kennel so that I could check him out myself, but they sat down with me and explained how everything went and gave me written and verbal instructions on how to care for him when we brought him home, which is more than any other vet has done for me. The best part is that they have an online help center where you can send an email to them with a question or concern, and one of the vets will call you back within a day or two (it's always only been a few hrs for me) and help you. This was especially helpful before I brought my cat in when I had some concerns about the procedure. Awesome place!


    So friendly and helpful!