South animal care & adoption center

5100 west eau gallie blvd
Melbourne , FL 32935

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. BusBus

    by: BusBus

    My family adopted 2 wonderful dogs from this shelter and we are so very happy!! Every one that works there was very helpful. I really liked that they had a very big outdoor place that you could take the large dogs for a walk to bond with them. They also had a place to bring the little dogs for families to be able to spend some time with them. It would be good to have a place for the cats and their possible families to go-there might possibly be a place but did not see one because we were there to adopt dogs-allergic to cats :( \r\n\r\nIt was also nice to see the staff taking the dogs for walks!\r\n


    All animals seemed to be well taken care of as they possibly can.


    Through no fault of the shelter-Just so many beautiful, sweet, loving animals that need homes and loving families!

  • 2. Needs to win the million dollar makeover!

    by: lainah

    My whole family has adopted 5 pets total from this center. It is always neat and clean, the animals have their food and water, and the employees are always available to answer any questions you may have. It is a little on the small side for the amount of animals that are constantly coming through their doors, and could definately use the million dollar makeover.


    Very helpful employees



  • 3. Wonderful shelter worth visiting!

    by: allpaws

    I have adopted two animals from this shelter. The staff is so caring and the animals are well cared for. Being a county shelter, the employees take a lot of criticism but it doesn't seem to matter. They are all extremely focused when it comes to caring for the animals. I wish they were given more to expand this shelter but they do a wonderful job with what they are given. Well worth the visit!


    Friendly caring staff,great compassion for the animals, very knowledgable


    Building needs to be bigger! More employees!

  • 4. lets all get along

    by: margaret1962

    I think people need to realize that they have one of the hardest jobs in the county. They care for all the unwanted pets and do their best to care for them all. I'm very proud of their accomplishments and I hope they keep up the good work


    They take care of the majority of the strays in brevard county


    under staffed and over crowded