Soulard Pet Sitters

Soulard Neighborhood
Saint Louis, MO 63104

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Would not touch them with a ten foot pole

    by: tinabina70

    When I moved to town and was asking around for a pet sitter while sitting at a local pizza place. A girl ran up asking if we had seen a hound dog running loose. She was with Soulard Pet Sitters and had lost a dog. Since then, I have been told by others at the dog park that they have lost many dogs while in their care. yikes


    In Soulard


    Loses dogs while under their care. Numerous dogs lost while being walked, or out of yards while in their care.

  • 2. Outstanding, convenient, trustworthy and responsive!

    by: SinDolor

    Outstanding!\r\n\r\nEric and friends are often available for last minute trips--walking, feeding and spending time with your pets without them ever having to leave their home and familiar surroundings. Don't have to worry about paying for an extra day at a kennel when trips bring you home on a Sunday. No locking your pet up in a cage! Email updates daily (sometimes with each visit) leting us know that our pets are safe and happy while we're gone!\r\n\r\nI highly recommend Soulard Pet Sitters!!!


    Close to downtown, provide daily feedback via e-mail.


    Appropriately priced, but can get expensive on trips longer than a couple days.

  • 3. Relax and enjoy your time away!

    by: aferanec

    I have a rescued lab mix who's not always friendly with new people. I was a little worried about calling a pet sitter, but from the moment Eric walked in, I knew we wouldn't have a problem. He really understand dogs - he knows how and when to approach, and by the end of the first visit, my shy boy was approaching him for attention! Now when I travel I can relax and enjoy my time away because I know they're being well cared for by Eric and his team. And I just love to read the silly email updates that they send!


    Reliable, knowledgeable staff



  • 4. Thank goodness for SPS!

    by: maggielsanders

    Soulard Pet Sitters is the best! Celia takes care of my Murphy whenever we go away and he LOVES her. She sends me e-mails whenever she visits to give me updates on Murphy's activities. I never worry about him while we are gone when SPS is watching him. Truly an excellent service!


    professional and reliable



  • 5. The Best Sitters for your Best Friends!

    by: thecitypet

    Eric, Jennifer and Celia are all fabulous people...the type of folks who you would never questioning leaving with your best friend while you are gone!


    We trust Soulard Pet Sitters with our babies